Millennial individuals are always the torch bearers of changes and change in fashion is no different. A pin badge, a small accessory of the old has made a recent comeback in the fashion world and adds a unique punk to your already resplendent ensemble. These pin badges are minuscule artworks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and take your style-statement to another level.

The Wish List of All the Sexes:

The rebel accessory is unisex and universal and is all about how you would like to wear it. Individuals can wear their much-loved badge on their lapels, shirts, collars, ties, dresses and blazers. Females can also stylize their clutches, bags, kits and boxes, belts etc to add a chic touch that resonates with their outfit. Patterned clasps with different designs, brand names, and logos coming in various shapes and sizes have become so popular that young men and women have recognised it as an indispensable accessory.

Pin Badge Know-how:

While embracing a new fashion trend it is of vital importance to know how to sport it and pull it off with ease. Fashion enthusiasts should follow style magazines and blogs to figure out the right kind of badge that would be in sharp contrast with the attire and help the individual stand out. The bedazzling small object can be in bright pop colours or in warm tonal ones suiting a variety of personalities. It adds a new feel and dimension to a basic neutral look and makes it complete and stare-worthy.

Significance of the Accessory:

What adds more to the opulence of wearing such a notable accessory is its cultural significance. History proves that these badges were once popular in society and have made a comeback to bring an expensive feel with an inexpensive commodity. A general perspective to the reprise of a pin badge would be embracing fashion but the little ornament has more worth. In some runways, some pins were shown that had a political connotation and these are worn by people who support a certain political party. A supporter would sport a badge to silently establish his or her solidarity to the party. Pin brooches also have a historical significance to them as their abundance could be traced back in British history. Exhibitions at British museums have ascertained this claim that these badges were a symbol of the wearer’s identity and beliefs.

It appears to be a bit confusing to moderate the cultural importance of wearing badges as they can represent an allegiance to political parties, to honour heroes of history, to support a movement or human rights activities, or simply to make a fashion statement. The exploration of the endless possibilities to customising your style with a badge of your choice will remain perpetual.

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