Meningioma is also called as a meningeal tumor. It is a slow growing tumor that forms from meninges which is a membranous layerthat surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This tumor is an abnormal tissue where cell grows and multiply fast. Surgery is the common treatment for meningioma.  The surgery used to remove meningioma is called craniotomy.  Observation is also one of the methods to treat meningioma. It is seeing a neurosurgeon and having imaging examinations done occasionally.

Radiation therapy is the treatment of tumors using X – rays and other forms of radiation to destroy cancer cells and prevent them growing.

The two types of radiation therapy are external beam radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery. It can be diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) are different types of machines which create images of the brain and detect a tumor if present.

The various causes of meningiomas are not specified however,there are some cases which tell that having excess body fat can increase it. 92% of meningiomas are benign and 8% are either atypical or malignant. The various symptoms of this tumor are headaches, changes in speech, vision or hearing, vomiting, problems walking, changing in the mood, personality, problems with memory, twitching and numbness.If these tumors are not cured they may end the life of the individual. However, meningioma can be reduced by having a normal body weight and avoiding unnecessary dental X – rays.

Price of meningioma brain tumor surgery depends on the quality of the health service. It includes all the consultation fee, medicine, surgery, hospital stay, transportation, accommodation, etc. Some hospitals give discounts up to 30% to 40% according to the nature of the patient.The governments also gives subsidy to patients who can’t afford to pay the money.However, after the surgery, the patient can experience swelling, seizures and pain which can be reduced by medications. Patients need to 5 to 14 days of rest after the surgery.

For complete recovery, the patients need around two months. Price of the surgery also depends on the type and location of the tumor, medical history of the patient and evolution rate of the tumor. It also depends on the age of the patient. Due to change in technology and advancement in medical terms, the cost is reducing year to year.

However, Meningioma surgery cost in India is less when compared to other countries in the world. Indian hospitals offering comprehensive healthcare solutions to their patients. India has best brain surgeons with advance level medical treatment and best brain tumor healing methods. India has best diagnosis imaging services like EEG, Sensation 10 CT Scanner, EMG, and Functional MRI with Spectro – scopy. India healthcare services have high quality services at low prices which makes it the destination for many international patients.Some hospitals also provide accommodation and travel services to their patients. Being a developing nation and cost of expenses are less, it has becomeone of the centers for many patients around the world. Here patients are also given world class facilities which are available in their countries.

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