If you are planning on vacation with your family or friends, December is the right month to take leave from your workplace as it is a month filled with lots of festivities ad lots of holidays making it the right time to enjoy with your loved ones. What makes December such an exciting month? Firstly, it is the last month of the year where people excitedly wait for a new beginning. It is also the month that celebrates many festivals across various traditions and cultures.

People also love December for its weather. It marks the beginning of winter, the season that makes you want to keep yourself warm and cosy. This season also brings you closer to your partner; hence it is a perfect time to plan a holiday with your spouse or partner.  Here are a few festivities that make December very exciting and fun.

December is incomplete without Christmas celebrations. It is a festival celebrated across the world to mark the birth of Christ into the world. It is grandly celebrated in many cultures and doesn’t just restrict its festivity to Christians. It’s a festival which spreads love and joy. People sing carols, wear bright and colourful clothes, exchange gifts, decorate the Christmas trees and are always being merry. 

Thanksgiving is another festival celebrated during the month of December. It is an age old tradition widely followed in the west. It has been caught in other countries as a cultural trend, including India. People during this tradition sit with each other and over dinner recall the events and things that they are grateful and thankful are.  A big Turkey Roast is the signature dish of this festival. People also gather other friends and family and put up a delicious spread.

  1. New Year celebrations.

This is the most awaited time of December as it is a grand carnival of activities including songs, dance, activities organized to welcome a new year. People love this kind of celebration as it allows them to cherish the memories over the year, forget their mistakes, and look forward to a challenging new year. Parties are in full swing and are promoted and marketed almost 6 to 7 months in advance. New year parties in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Manipal are most popular due to the exciting offers, popular artists, and amazing packages that the offer. Some events also combine new year parties with camping and other activities to capture the attention of people who love to party.

  1. Sunburn festival.

This is a festival to celebrate music from all across the world. It is Asia’s biggest electronic music festival that takes place over a span of 4 to 5 days. Renowned international artists along with Indian artists who play EDM music are lined up for an awesome night. It was celebrated in Goa but the venue has been shifted to Pune recently. It is one of the top 10 festivals widely known for its exuberant celebration. It has a wide spread of food, music and other entertaining activities. It usually happens during the month of December and is an opportunity one just cannot miss.

So, go ahead and enjoy December for all the festivities it offers.

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