In most cases, content marketing campaigns derail because of internal mistakes and not external competition. The scope and dexterity of content marketing ensure there is a lot of room for professionals to make mistakes and harm their campaign. 

There is no real problem in making honest mistakes. In every profession, there are people who make mistakes all the time and are yet classified as talented personnel. The act of making a mistake doesn’t make someone good or bad. It is natural to make mistakes, but good professionals are those who are able to learn from their mistakes.

The act of repeating and being unaware of mistakes is the real problem. If you are part of a digital marketing team, you have to know the mistakes your team has made in the past to make sure you don’t repeat them in the future. 

Thus, knowledge of how content marketing campaigns falter and derail is important. This can help a campaign avoid going through a world of trouble and increasing the odds of success. In this article, we discuss some common and fundamental mistakes content marketing campaigns tend to make. 

Choose Keywords Over Topics

When deciding a topic to cover in a content piece, many SEOs think in terms of keywords. This line of thinking can be a reason why the general public may grow tired of the content put out by a brand. 

The normal public doesn’t think about content in terms of keywords and keyphrases. They want to read content that is topically relevant and solves issues and queries they have. An approach which focuses on keywords and not topics is thus a grave mistake and one that makes a lot of content created during a campaign appear futile.

Not Aligning Content with Marketing Goals

SEOs often assign topics and conduct keyword research with the sole aim to bring traffic. However, the content created should contribute to the overarching goal of the campaign. Getting traffic is a milestone but not the ultimate goal. Thus, the content created should also push a campaign towards its goal and not just bring more traffic.

Not Diversifying Content

Written content can be used as a base to create other types of content like videos and podcasts. However, many marketers do not have the time or resources to create content in other mediums. This makes sure that the written content is not being utilized to its full potential.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we covered some of the crucial ways professionals sabotage their content marketing campaigns. You can join a Digital Marketing Institute to know more about this topic or can also subscribe us for more like this.

About the Author – Rajesh Arora is a well-known content marketing planner and writer with a decade of experience. He currently works as a consultant and mentor for The institute is known widely for its digital marketing course in Delhi. Other courses in fields like ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and SAP are also offered at the institute. 

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