Communicating with your customers is now easier than ever due to social media and other platforms that enhance our ability to portray the personalities of our businesses. However, small businesses still face the challenge of speaking to their customers through their branding. So, how can this be achieved? Let’s take a closer look, below. 

Printed Packaging 

Whether you create printed packaging or bags, by implementing your branding onto merchandise, it encourages your customers to remember your business. Through printed packaging, when customers receive their parcel it will seem more like a gift and engage with the customer better. 

You can also create some company merchandise that can be used in store, at exhibitions, at networking events or even at meetings. This is a cost-efficient and effective way to speak to your customers through printed branding.  

Use Email Marketing 

It’s important to maintain a constant line of communication with your customers, keeping them up to date with ant changes or improvements made to the brand. This is essential for building up relationships with your customers and showcasing that you are available for any queries or questions. This can easily be achieved by implementing an email marketing campaign, sending email marketing newsletters quarterly, weekly or monthly. Through these you can express your voice by maintaining the same tone and brand consistency across your other marketing campaigns. 

Create A Service To Match Your Brand 

The way your service is delivered to your customers will affect how new prospective customers perceive your brand. That is why it’s imperative that you provide an outstanding customer service. Customers are likely to continue to return to utilise your service time and time again if they know that they will receive a good experience. 

Maintain A Voice For Your Company 

Maintaining brand consistency across your social platforms, website and branding is key if you want your business to appear professional and demonstrate a strong identity. Therefore, it’s important that you also find and maintain a voice for your company. When deciding what your voice is, you need to consider your target audience and ensure that the content you create on your site uses the correct tone and style to match your company’s voice. It’s essential that this is implemented across social account too. Whether you want an informative tone of voice or more formal, this will all depend on your key messages and service you deliver and your main target audience that you want to reach. 

Use Brand Ambassadors 

Brand ambassadors and social influencers are key to speaking to your customers through your branding. Whether they create video or written reviews about your products or service, or they post pictures on their social media accounts, this is hugely beneficial for increasing brand awareness. You should consider their main audience and how many followers they have, as well as their engagement rate online when choosing an influencer that is most suited to your brand. 

Hopefully, these top tips will help you to speak to your customers through branding in a number of different ways. Follow these steps and before you know it you will have a wide audience and have a good relationship with your customers. 

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