Liver and its functions

Liver problem are increasing day by day. Liver is one of the important organ present in the human body. Liver is largest organ that is present in the internal part of the body. It is a part of the metabolic system of the body. It is involved in the secretion of a lot of metabolic product of the body that constitutes all the metabolic function of the body. The liver is firmly involves in the production of different kinds of protein and blood clotting factors. Now these proteins are the building block of the human body. Everything that the human constitutes is of protein. The blood clotting factors can also play a lot of role. Improper liver function can lead to hemophilia a congenital disorder where the oozing blood when comes out from the injured spot never stops due to the lack of production or the improper production of the blood clotting factors. Liver is also useful in the production of different important lipid molecules just like that of the triglycerides and the cholesterol. It is also important in glycogen synthesis which in the absence or during starvation of the glucose helps in the synthesizing ATP, the energy currency in a different way using different pathways. Bile products are also formed in the liver. These are the very important biomolecules that helps in the body functioning.

Liver problems

Liver problem is very much common. One of the common reason for the liver malfunction is the excessive usage of alcohol or alcoholic products. Alcohol gets absorbed in the liver as it is fat soluble and excessive alcohol consumption will make it very much problem as the liver gets leaky at that time and will not function properly hence the secretory products will also not get formed from it. Improper fooding habits may also damage the liver. Excessive eating of the junk foods may cause liver damage as well as stomach problem. These problem might give rise to severe fates to the body along with the liver as these causes might result in to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer etc. and both of the effects can be very much fatal for the human body and will lead to death eventually. Infections like hepatitis is also very much common with a problematic liver. Symptoms are very much obvious that it may be bleed. And there will be swelling along with severe pain felt in the abdominal region of the body. Recurrent jaundice and weight loss resulting into fatigue are common symptoms.

Successful transplantation

Liver transplantation is a very useful method to mend all the liver problems that are discussed above. Transplantation includes a lot of risk factors although if it is done successfully following proper immunotyping so that no immune reaction takes place, will be the best resort for the damaged liver.

The best in the field

Arvinder Singh Soin is currently one of the best in this field of liver transplantation. Being one of the successful and most potent in this field he is also awarded with Padma Shree award by the president of India.

Taking care

It is very much required to take care of the body so that these kind of problems does not get along in the long. Being healthy and fit should be priority for every human being.

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