It is an evident fact that every country or state has its own rules and regulations as far as travelling is concerned. Same holds true for the EU countries. Keeping in mind the benefit of local citizens travelling across any of the EU nations, the local governments have mandated and issued unique health insurance card to all the citizens. It is known as European Health Insurance Card or EHIC card that is granted to all those who are above 16 years of age. This card must be carried by the travellers when travelling to any of the countries across EU. It entitles the card holders medical benefits similar to the locals even in the foreign lands as far as the emergent treatments are concerned. There are some points about this card that the users need to be careful when travelling across EU countries. Have a look.

Remember to keep your card when leaving for foreign trips

Of course, it is one of the most important points about which you need to be careful regarding the EHIC card. You must always remember to keep your card with you when leaving for your foreign trips. After all, you may avail of the medical benefits if so needed during emergencies in the foreign lands only if you have the card with you. Forgetting your card at home may land you in troubles if you face with any medical emergencies at the foreign lands.

Every family member must have an individual card

Again it is an important point that the travellers need to take care about the unique health insurance card. Every family member must have their own EHIC if they intend to travel to foreign lands. Even kids need to have their individual cards that may be applied and attained by their parents or guardians on their behalf by fulfilling the relevant formalities. Again the reason is quite clear as you get entitled to the benefits of the card only if the relevant family member has the card with him at the time of treatment.

The card must have a valid date

Surely, you can use your European Health Insurance card during emergencies and get the necessary medical treatments during travelling in the foreign lands only if your card has the valid date. For this, it is very much important to keep an eye on the expiry date of your card and get the same renewed well-in-time and positively six months before the expiry date. It helps you to use your card without any issues.

Apply separately for your travel insurance

One of the most important points about EHIC card that you need to be careful and alert about is that it is totally different and distinct from travel insurance. It means you should apply for your travel insurance separately so as to ensure safety of your belongings and avail of other benefits while travelling. It means this health insurance is just for medical purposes and facilitates getting your travel insurance in an easy manner.

Being careful about these important points for European Health Insurance Card you may utilise the same in the best manner possible and get benefited maximally.

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