Time has changed. As they say, walk with time, and so the lifestyle of the people has also changed. The fast paced lifestyle of people along with unhealthy diet has lead to increasing incidence of lifestyle-related health issues. One of the most common issues related to lifestyle is that of Obesity. The obesity rate has increased at an alarming rate worldwide. Even children are becoming a victim of obesity apart from adults. Obesity is very dangerous since it is the very reason of many diseases.

Cardiac issues and underlying reasons:

Diabetes, cholesterol levels and cardiac issues are the most common and critical diseases caused by Obesity. The cholesterol levels along with increased blood pressure cause many cardiac health issues. Blockage in the artery is one such cardiac issue which is troubling people across the world. Young adults in age span of 30-40 years are also getting affected by blocked arteries. This situation can lead to the blockage of blood flow that hampers the condition of different organs as they fall short of oxygen and blood. Over a period this leads to severe damage and at one stage the health seriously hampers.

The blockage in arteries makes it difficult for the blood to flow through and reach till heart. When the blood flow gets affected, the person starts feeling angina pain in the chest. This happens especially when the person performs a rigorous physical activity such as walking, cycling or running. When a person faces breathlessness along with pain and sweating, medical tests are performed.

The bypass surgery is the last option which is chosen by doctors for treating the blockage. The cost of bypass surgery in India varies on the basis of the surgeon performing the bypass along with the Hospital. Charges might vary from one hospital to other as per the services offered by them.

The medical tests performed for diagnosis of cardiac issues are:

  • The Treadmill test is one of the most basic tests which are performed by making the person walk on the treadmill.
  • Angiography is done for testing the probable blockage. A wire like substance is inserted into arteries to check the blockage.
  • CT scan is yet another way of assessing the blockage conditions in arteries by way of images taken by the CT scan machine.

About Bypass surgery:

The bypass surgery is done after normalizing the sugar and blood pressure levels of the patient. The patient is admitted 2-3 days prior in advance before surgery. A bypass is made near the blocked artery for enabling proper blood flow to the heart. A vein is removed from the leg for making the bypass.

The coronary artery bypass surgery in India is performed by top specialists who use cutting-edge technology for treatment. India has emerged as the best place on the world map for bypass surgery.

Due to lifestyle and stress, there are a number of people who suffer from this medical condition. There are many known hospitals in India where one can get effective treatment for the same and hence not only the resident of India, but also foreigners visit the hospitals on medical tourism.

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