There are many Indians who choose Vietnam to spend their vacation and business travel is also planned by many.  No matter you need a tourist visa or business visa there are certain things, which can be followed to get visa fast and without any hassle.  There are easy ways by which you can also get arrival visa or visa approval within few hours or in one day.  If you wish to save time and need instant visa, then here are few tips that you can follow to get fast Vietnam arrival visa. Check out these tips.

  1. There are certain criteria, rules and regulations, which Indians have to follow to get visa on arrival. But there are certain things, which Indians are not aware to get the visa. Here are ten tips explained about the Vietnam visa on arrival India, which can help you in getting more information and can make the process easy.
  2. All the Indians with password can easily apply for the Vietnam visa
  3. If they desire to obtain arrival Vietnam visa , then they must  obtain  the visa approval for Vietnam before departure
  4. Indian citizens can easily apply for the arrival Vietnam visa when they arrive online
  5. Indians can only apply for the arrival visa only if they are travelling to Vietnam via air
  6. There is no need to provide the exact date of their arrival in the application form online for arrival visa. In case you have a planned date, then it can be mentioned on the form.  They can also arrival later than the mentioned date, but early arrival is not valid.
  7. There is no need to contact the embassy if Indians wish to get arrival visa. Arrival Vietnam visa is issues by the immigration department so there is no need to contact the embassy.  Applicants just have to contact with the travel agent so that they can submit the online application for approval without any hassle.
  8. They can arrive on any of the3international airports in Vietnam rather than the one that is mentioned on their passports.
  9. There are 2 types of visa fee, which Indians have to pay. One is online fee for approval letter. It is to be paid online with the aid of travel agent so that the approval letter can be processed via Vietnam immigration department. The second is the stamping fee, which is to be paid cash when you arrive at the airport. It is to be paid at the airport to immigration officer.
  10. There are fast track arrival visa services available, which can be used to avoid standing in the lines. This way they can quickly avail visa. There are several other services available, which can be availed by the Indian passport holders.

These are the ten tips that can help you in getting your arrival visa faster and without any hassle. These rather tips, which area also going to aid people who needs to get Vietnam tourist visa for Indian.

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