Depending on how old your car is, it is going to need a transmission repair or maintenance service. This service is required someday or the other as it is very important to make sure that your car runs perfectly. As your car gets old, its transmission starts to get affected and would harm its performance. However, you would be able to guess when your car is ready for a transmission repair as it would tell you that itself.

There are several signs that you must keep in your mind so that you can take care of the warning signs and the damage beforehand:

Bizarre Whines And Noises:

When you get a new car, its performance is smooth and is free from any unwanted noises. However, when your car gets older, it starts to get difficult to drive if not maintained well. The main reason why this happens is that your car’s transmission starts to get affected and hampers your car’s smooth drive. Make sure to never ignore these noises if you want your car to stay sound and work properly for a long time.

Check The Transmission Fluid:

There is a transmission fluid that runs inside your car which is important for proper functioning of the automobile. The transmission fluid has a reddish color and can be identifying from a sweet smell. When something goes wrong in your car’s transmission, it starts to look burnt or get a darker in color. This is a major sign that something is up with your car and you should take it for a transmission repair service. 

The Transmission Fluid Leaking:

Not just the appearance and odor of the fluid are trouble signs, the fluid leakage also signifies that your car needs an immediate transmission repair. This would indicate that the transmission has a hole or a damaged portion through which the fluid could be leaking. Make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible as this could be a danger sign for even the people inside the car. 

Issues In Shifting Your Gear:

Changing gear doesn’t usually create a problem, especially when everything inside your car is going fine. The gear shows issues only when there is something wrong with your transmission. Issues such as hesitation in changing gear, your car losing gear, jerks appearing when changing gear should be checked by a transmission repair specialist immediately. 

Your Car Smelling Weird:

If your car starts to emit gases and has started to smell weird, you should get your car’s transmission checked. This could be a major sign that something is leaking from your car and is not functioning properly. Leakage of gases can signify some leaks, cracks or holes in the internal parts of the car. Such leakage could prove very dangerous and should be treated immediately.

The Engine Sends A Signal:

The car engine, is a part of a modern car, and able to send alerts on the dashboard if there is something wrong with the transmission of the car. This signal would be in bright yellow and would keep beeping until it is dealt with. The alert becomes active the moment you start your car’s engine and would go off when you switch it off. This makes sure that you don’t miss the signal and remember to get the transmission repair service as soon as possible

Transmission repair service is a must if you want your car to keep healthy functioning of the parts of your car. Make sure to get checkups on a regular interval so that you don’t have to worry too much later, and the situation remains under control. 


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  1. When you get a new car, its performance is smooth and free from unwanted noises. However, as your car ages, maintaining it becomes crucial to prevent driving difficulties. The main reason why this happens is that your car’s transmission starts to get affected and hampers your car’s smooth drive. I appreciate you sharing your expertise and keeping us informed. I’m eager to see more engaging content like this in the future.

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