Does your car show brake warning lights? It can be a major point of concern. Sometimes we overlook the indications of the worn out brakes. Well, brakes are the most important component in a vehicle that stops the movement of the vehicle and prevents the mobility of any other parts of a system. Timely brake service is needed to avert any dangerous situations. Many of us may not know how to read the brake indicators in the car. This is for them, there are two brake lights in a car; one is the main system, whereas the other one is the anti-lock brake system or ABS system.

When you notice the main brake warning lights, you need to take it seriously as there may be a failure in the hydraulic system. In such case, without much delay, send it to brake service. The mechanics can detect, analyze the problem and fix the problems. Read the following warning signs of a dysfunctional brake or a disturbed ABS system that calls for an immediate brake service.

Warning Signs of Failing Brakes and Need for a Brake Service:

Screeching Noise made by Brakes: Every time you hear a noise while pressing the brake pad to decelerate the speed of the car, it is a clear indication that brakes need servicing. It may be for the brake pad, which has worn out, or the brake rotors that has got rusted. If there is an accumulation of excess moisture, the brake pad and rotors can get eroded. The screeching noise is extremely annoying to anyone riding in the car. To stop this noise, get the brake pad and brake motor checked in the nearest garage.

Excess Vibration: If your car is experiencing sudden jolt or shaking when you press the brake pad, this can be due to the poor condition of the brake rotors. The uneven contact between the brake pad and brake rotors can stimulate a vibration that is transmitted inside the car. Intense driving can also cause heat that warps the brake rotors or pad, causing this trembling sensation. In this condition, it is essential to get the brake pad and rotors checked or replaced.

Car Tilts to One Side:  Yes, this is yet another alarming sign that shows the brakes are not functioning well. This happens while driving when you press the brakes; your car tends to tilt towards right.  There can be two reasons behind it, one, the brake pads are on misaligned tires that wear out unevenly or some particles get in the hydraulic system causing pressure on the braking system. Your car needs an immediate brake service to get over this problem.

Brake Pedal Responds Late: Sometimes you may feel that the brake pedal does not respond immediately. It fails to perform efficiently; this can be dangerous if you drive the car at a high speed. To avert any mishaps on the road, opt for a brake service. If there is an air leak in the brake hose, or by a leak of hydraulic brake fluid, this can have a direct impact on the performance of the car. Check your brake pad, worn out brake rotor and the brake fluid to tackle the situation.

Emits Pungent Odour: If you smell a foul or burning odour, when you push the brakes. This can be a sign of trouble that needs your quick attention. Too much friction or overheated brake pad can result in this burning smell and lower the performance of the brake. If it is not treated immediately, it can lead to a road accident. It is essential to repair or replace the brake pad and rotor on time.

Brake service is vital for greater efficiency and performance of the brakes. We should take all the warning signs into account in due time. Brakes are the safety mechanism of a vehicle that needs maintenance to prevent accidents.

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