When you’re choosing a solicitor to deal with your house purchase, it’s important to select the right one. In these days of the internet and fast paced technology, it’s easy to communicate with people over longer distances. However, it’s a much better idea to choose someone with a local office.

A good solicitor is essential to the smooth running of the purchase and you don’t want any delays because of an inadequate service. If you’re looking for a solicitor, what are the benefits of working with a local company when it comes to conveyancing?

Local knowledge is a big plus

Conveyancing work requires a good knowledge of the local area and this can’t be achieved by a solicitor based in another city. A local solicitor would be better equipped to help you with any specific issues, such as pending planning requests and the searches that are required.

Personal contact

It’s much easier to ask questions and understand the legal process if someone is speaking to you face to face. If all of your contact is via the phone and email, you might not fully understand what’s happening or feel comfortable asking them to explain elements.

Extra benefits

When you’re buying a house you need to interact with a number of professional services and a local solicitor can put you in contact with other companies that they work with. For instance, they might be able to recommend a good estate agent, surveyor or mortgage advisor, which could save you time and money in the long run.

Reduce delays

There are often times during the purchase of a property where work needs to be carried out quickly or at the last minute. It’s much easier to pop into a local office to sign papers or pay money, rather than having to communicate by phone and rely on the post. This will also speed up the process, as the solicitor won’t have to wait for documents to arrive before proceeding. Completion days are generally hectic, with transactions and handovers, so it’s important to have a solicitor who is close at hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Personal service

If you choose an online or remote solicitor then you probably won’t get the same personal service that you would with a local office. A business team based locally will know your case and can help you with any problems faster and reduce delays. You might be tempted to think that a flashy website suggests you’re getting a more professional service – but often the reverse is true. A firm with no physical presence could turn out to be one person trying to juggle too many clients – or worse still, someone with no real qualifications.

One of the key points when choosing a solicitor is to go with someone you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust to provide a professional service.

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