You might get many letting agent services in your area, but what makes one stand out from others? That is an interesting question, and one word cannot describe the answer. From the qualifications to the quality of services, everything is involved in making the services of a letting agent stand out from all the others present in the crowd. In addition, of course, they should also be affiliated with some regulatory bodies to protect the interest of the landlords. But these are all standard things to check; there are several other elements for you to consider. To understand this, the role of the letting agents should be broken down into two parts.

Market Knowledge

Firstly, good letting agents in Romford should be able to understand the market and inform the same to the owners. This will help to maximise the rental income, and also the owner would also be able to get the type of tenant they want. As you are letting your property, it is essential that you are happy and satisfied with the kind of services you receive.

Scrutinising The Tenants

A letting agent should understand the perspective of a tenant by going through the tenant referencing application. However, it is to be noted that the references and the credit checks cannot always offer the whole picture. In some cases, letting agents should also visit the place where the tenants live currently to understand how they would maintain a property.

Tenant Management

Also, they should consider the size of the property and balance it with the number of occupants and the wear and tear they would do when the owner is looking for a long term tenant. For example, the property might be pet-friendly, but the owner would not want fleas to fill up the house because of the animals. The letting agents must take care of that.

They should also look after all the legal aspects of the agreement and help to formulate a well-worded tenancy agreement. They should ensure that the documents are complete and accurate.

Property Management

Depending on the lettings, different types of property management services might be required. For example, the letting agents in Romford are the ones who would make the tenants understand the rules and regulations they should follow while staying in the property. Apart from that, the agents should look after the thorough maintenance, extent of wear and tear, requirements for any type of repairs, etc.