Have you ever been in a situation when you were talking to someone, and that person suddenly walked away? You might have been left bewildered thinking what might have triggered such an odd behavior. Did bad breath cross your mind? Yes. That might have been a very obvious reason. Bad breath can be a big turn off for anyone just like someone who smells of bad body odor. Many people suffer from this problem if they have liver issues, or bad oral hygiene. What many people don’t care about is that this problem can be treated easily. It is not a big problem that can’t be resolved, or which is not treatable. One can consult any Dentist Clinton, and they can assure that foul breath can be dealt with very easily. 

What one needs to do is try and practice some good ways to fight bad breath. While people think that chewing gums or any other mouth freshener can help one deal with it, they much also know that it is a very temporary solution. One needs to incorporate certain good practices in their daily routine so that oral problems can be kept at bay.

Following are some of the simple things that one can follow for good oral hygiene: 

Look what you are eating- Our food habits or whatever we eat throughout the day is responsible for keeping our health as well as our teeth in good shape. Taking in too much of sodas or food items that help in the formation of acid can be bad for the well-being of our teeth. Instead, it is good to have leafy and green vegetables. Production of saliva in the mouth is good for keeping the teeth good and that also brings down the chances of periodontitis.

Make sure you are brushing twice a day- If you are suffering from bad breath, then make sure that your mouth is always fresh and clean. If you feel bad, you can brush after every meal. However, that is always not possible. So, clean your mouth with water properly after every big or small meal and do not forget to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. While doing so, do not forget the tongue as it needs to be cleaned thoroughly as well.

Drink lots of water- Staying hydrated is another great way to combat bad breath according to expert dentist Clinton. If you stay hydrated, that will prevent you from having a dry mouth which is one of the setting grounds for foul breath. According to dentists, dry mouth is responsible for bacteria to thrive and that can lead to tooth decay. Acid and bacteria formation can be washed away by water. If possible, use mouth wash that has Fluoride as it can help in fighting bad breath causing bacteria and also make the mouth feel fresh. 

Say no to tobacco and other allied products– These are not only harmful for one’s health, but also for one’s oral hygiene. Too much use of tobacco can cause dry mouth, stains on teeth and decay. It is better to avoid tobacco and products like the same to ensure good oral hygiene. 

Trying some simple procedures can help with staying away from foul breath. So, start today and greet people with a wonderful smile. 


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