Just a quick review of last week


Memorial Day Recovery Run that morphed into a 8-mile tempo at a 7 min/mile pace!


Track Workout: started with a 2.5 mile warmup. 4×400, 4×300, 6×200 all with full recoveries and a 2.5 mile cool down, made for about 10 miles. As a side note, this time last year I was running about a 92 or 93 second 400. On Tuesday I ran four 400’s at a very consistent 84 second pace. Just two days after a 20k trail race. I was most proud that none of the repeats varied by more than a second. I was able to maintain a great, do-able pace for the entire workout. Now that’s progress. Or so I like to think.


A great track practice deserves to be celebrated, no? And what better way to celebrate than with beer and friends. I am not usually a beer drinker, but given my current economic situation and the $1 PBR special I opted for a gluten-filled pint. Beers were consumed at a steady rate. In fact my beer drinking was almost as impressive as my track performance earlier in the evening. Maybe I’m becoming a fast runner and a fast drinker? I awoke Wednesday morning hating life. I trooped through a 10-mile run and vowed never to be had by $1 PBR specials again. Ugh. $1PBR, you are so not worth it.


Eight miles in the morning with my awesome running partner followed by a big cup of coffee. I added another 3.4 miles in the afternoon. The second run was a complete wash. I had originally planned a 5-mile hill climb, but whether the race on Sunday finally caught up to me, or the beer wasn’t finished doing its dirty work, I cut the run short (something I don’t do at all) and staggered back to my apartment.


I met up with trail runners at 6:50 AM for a quick run in the forest. It was the first time the group has met up during the week and I was happy and surprised to see five other runners. But I should specificy that they were five men. Five very very fast men. I contented myself to let them go and get in 6.2 miles (10k) before breakfast. I ran another four miles that evening


By Saturday I was feeling exhausted. Totally and completely exhausted. I woke up early and got in 5 miles. I spent the rest of the day drinking water and massaging my legs.
= 65.4 miles

This wasn’t the biggest training week for me, volume-wise, but it was a challenge. I recently “invested” in a very used fixed-gear bike to get around town. For those of you unfamiliar with bikes, a fixed gear basically means you have only one gear and you don’t get to back pedal. My fixed gear happens to be a monster of a bike and riding up the Broadway Bridge with that thing feels like gigantic victory. Between the miles I put on the bike and the miles on the trails, I was one tired cookie at the end of the week.

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