The COVID-19 pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill. However, the situation has improved and now it is being planned that all offices across London are to reopen. This will provide a boost to the economy. It will be a much awaited relief for all office goers as slowly, life returns to normal.

This being done many precautions need to be followed for the safety and security of everyone. In offices, we come across all kinds of furniture. All office furniture London needs to be sanitised regularly. The office furniture in London would be vulnerable to the virus of COVID-19 as the city reopens. Besides, we must take other safety precautions for the fight from Corona.

Here are the top essentials tips to adapt your workplace after COVID when your office reopens.

  1.     Face Mask

It has been recommended by WHO that regular use of masks reduces the spread of coronavirus. All kinds of face covers can be used as a mask. However, according to WHO, N95 masks are clinically considered as the best protection against the virus. 

  1.     Hand Sanitisation

Hand sanitisers are the most important weapon that we have against Coronavirus. We must sanitise our hands at frequent intervals to eliminate all traces of the virus. and We must not try to touch our eyes, nose or mouth with our hands. This way we can contain the spread of the virus. 

  1.     Sanitisation of Furniture

Office furniture needs to be sanitised for the safety of everyone. We come in contact with office furniture all the time be it tables, chairs, doors, etc. Thus, office furniture in London if not sanitised regularly, can be an agent of the spread of the deadly virus. 

  1.     Mandatory Thermal Screening

To make sure that all personnel entering the office premises are corona free we must conduct thermal screening at the entry for all personnel. There can also be a quarantine period for staff joining from other cities. 

  1.     Social Distancing

The social distancing of 6 feet/ 2 metres must be maintained amongst the entire staff. Shaking hands or other forms of greeting in which people come in close proximity must be avoided. There can be rotational shifts for employees to avoid overcrowding of the workplace.

COVID-19 is a deadly virus and its rapid method of spread makes it even more dangerous. However, offices need to be reopened now thus we must follow all precautions to fight the disease.

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