Pregnancy is a crucial phase for women as during this time being healthy and not falling prey to any illness become the most important factor. It is imperative for a would be mother to take proper care for her health as getting infected by various viruses and bacteria at this stage might be harmful for the baby’s health. And therefore, prenatal care for both the baby and the mother is very important to care for.

Pregnancy infections are very common and can easily be handled if certain things are maintained, in our daily lives. Here are some of the important information that every mother should be knowing in order to prevent themselves from any bacterial infections.

  • During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal change takes place in a woman’s body. Also, the immune system gets changed. The natural immune system that we are born with, become extra effective at the time of pregnancy. Though it works as a safeguard for the protection of the baby, the certain imbalance might make you susceptible to the infections and therefore you should be careful.
  • Some infections that occur to the mother during pregnancy primarily creates risk for the mother. Infections like UTI, vaginitis primarily affect the health of the mother. The natural immune system always protects the uterus and maintain a sterile immune system for the baby in order to prevent any bacterial infection.
  • But, there are some other bacterial infections which might be fatal to the baby as well as they could get transmitted from the mother to the baby. HIV, Hepatitis B, and toxoplasmosis can be transmitted from the mother to the baby and this can cause serious damage to the immune and nervous system of the baby.
  • In order to maintain prevention, there are some essential rules you need to follow during your pregnancy. First of all, you need to go to your doctor promptly after you accidentally fall ill. Because there are some viruses that can be controlled if the medication starts at the earliest.
  • Doing regular things during pregnancy needs a little caution. Things that you have been doing till now like changing cat litter, watering the garden should be done using a glove.
  • Wash your hands regularly. Using soap and washing both of your hands especially after using bathroom or playing with children prevent the body from getting an attack form unwarranted bacterial diseases.
  • Never share utensils with anyone during pregnancy. Make sure the cups, mugs, plates that you are using are being cleaned properly. This is very crucial as you need to maintain it throughout your pregnancy.
  • Make sure to do regular check-up. Also, healthy food habits like consuming only cooked meat, pasteurized milk products are essential for a new mother to follow.

Infection during pregnancy is normal, but you should be aware of the extent and the outcome that might bear on you and your child. Follow these simple precautions and lead a healthy life in order to prevent any bacterial attacks at the rime of your pregnancy.

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