As I am heading into the last stages of pregnancy, I wondered about how yoga practice had changed my body for the better. It is not only the physical change, but the emotional side and the friendly hormones did mean that my practice had changed. All kudos to the prenatal classes Mumbai, which has worked wonders.

For me yoga has always been the place where I could find a sense of calm. As the feeling of labor pain and pending motherhood was on my mind, it did help to clear my mind and to focus on the present. Touch wood my entire pregnancy has been drama free and I attribute a lot of it to yoga and it would indeed be beneficial for the pregnant women

Yoga eases morning sickness and pain in the back

 Any pregnant women would tell you that the worst feeling is nausea or morning sickness that strikes you. If you do practice breathing it will reduce your mood swings along with the feeling of nausea. Once the first stage of your pregnancy is over, the morning sickness reduces, and then back pain took over. This is that time when I started doing yoga on a regular basis and immediately I noticed an improvement in postures or back pain which is common among pregnant women.

You prepare for labor with a sense of calmness and deep breathing

Breasting is the epicenter of all forms of yoga and the key is to breathe in a slow and steady manner. It not only will help you to get through the yoga poses, but you tend to calm in all aspects. Pregnancy is itself scary and there is an element of calm when you are in the midst of multiple doctor appointments and dealing with pregnancy drain.

Breathing has been a huge part of the preparation with the help of prenatal classes Mumbai and there are studies that show that breathing can pave way for an anxiety prone delivery.

More flexibility along with strength

You can practice the first few classes in a center and then get down to the basics at home. There are lots of materials available in the form of DVDs. For someone who has practiced yoga they can understand that it is a full form of workout and the impact is low. It is a form of exercise which makes you feel in shape.

You are in touch with other mothers to be

This is one major difference between the routine yoga classes and a prenatal yoga center. You are all in the same boat and one of the major benefits it does provide a safe and supportive environment for the would-be mothers. A strong support system is essential for the health of the mother, especially when they are facing some challenges, through the pregnancy and this form of yoga does help in that regard.

Your connection with your baby

One of the main features of yoga is that you find yourself in a calm space where you can connect with yourself. The best thing that I learned about yoga is that I need to connect with the growing baby inside me. I feel the kick or the pain and do convey my wishes to the little one

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