More often we come across such properties wherein boards are installed at the windows and doors. It may be particularly true in case of such properties that lie vacant, unused or are abandoned for certain reasons. In some cases, emergency boarding up of windows is opted for by the concerned owners to protect their properties against damages that may be caused due to natural disasters such as storm, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, wind and also to prevent the entry of burglars, thieves etc. It is true for such places where such incidents happen frequently. Here are some dos’ and don’ts to follow when getting your windows boarded up. 


Use Highly Durable And Sturdy Materials 

Of course, it is very much important to use sturdy and highly durable materials when it comes to opting for emergency boarding up of your windows. Since you are boarding up the windows to safeguard the entire property and its assets excellently, therefore, the use of high-quality materials with a long shelf life is important and necessary. 

Opt For Customizable Boarding Options 

Certainly, every property has some specific type of windows. Therefore the need for boarding up of the windows also varies to great extents. In order to ensure perfect boarding up of your windows, you must go ahead with customizable options for the same. It ensures that the windows of your property are protected in absolute manners. 


Don’t use tapes for the boarding purpose  

Using tapes for boarding purpose is not at all recommendable. It is because tapes are hardly efficient in serving this purpose well. Tapes can be easily swayed away with water or storm or other hazardous elements. It may pose a great threat to your property. Even if you have window panes properly fitted, use of tapes is not at all recommendable.  

Don’t leave even a hole during the boarding process 

Thinking to equalize the pressure of the inside and outside atmospheric conditions, you must not leave even a tiny hole in the windows during the boarding process. Even the smallest or insignificantly notable hole may result in great damage to your property and ruin the entire idea of perfect boarding up of the windows. 

By keeping all such do’s and don’ts of window boarding up, you may surely accomplish this task perfectly and offer total protection to your property against various types of hazards or damages. It is an easy way out to totally prevent the admittance of unwanted elements into your property. 

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