World is changing and so are the styles and ways of clothing. Abaya designs have also changed a lot. These days, it has become a symbol of fashion for Muslim women and they love to wear some good abaya designs with different patterns and styles. This gives them some outstanding look and make they can make their own fashion statement by doing this.

When one goes for abaya online shopping these days they look for new designs and patterns which will make them look stylish and fashionable. These days’ abayas are not only available in black but they are also available in many dark and pastel colours with designs and sequins on them along with the latest tailored cuts. That is why; women these days have wide range and styles of abayas to choose from. In fact, Dubai style abayas are also very much in fashion these days. But the question is when a Muslim woman chooses their abaya, what are the styles and designs to look for? One also has to find out how to wear or carry them?

  • Kaftan Abaya Style With Front Knot

This one is one of the most popular designs in abaya. This abaya looks like a Kaftan and it has a front knot. Kaftan is a very popular style of dressing since years and it has got mixed with abaya shape to give it a new and trending style.  Here the cuffs and borders are designed with some lovely embroidery works. This type of abaya is mainly designed on double shirts and the neckline of this is just like any other kaftan; that is ‘V’ shaped. One can easily wear these designed abayas to any party.

  • Abaya Layered Style With Open Sleeves

There is another popular design in abayas. Here the abayas have loose or open sleeves. If one wants an elegant look in abayas then they can easily go for this. One can also pair them up with a beautiful hijab. When it comes to design the cutting of this abaya is done is a very unique layered pattern. The loose sleeves can also have some silver and black sequins. Also they can have some thread works on it.

  • Multiple Folds Abaya Design With Ban Shape

One can also go for another popular design in abayas where it has multiple folds and a collar shaped neckline. There are many Muslim women who prefer to wear some ban shape neck lines when it comes to abaya because they want to look elegant in them. In this multiple layered abayas, the folds are attached together with a metal brooch in the front part of the abaya. These designs are mainly available in pastel and light shades like mauve, pink and lilac. One can wear them in any formal occasions or to a date as it looks beautiful.

One can check different designs of abayas that are available and what will add their grace and personality. Choose from the varieties available when you buy abaya online.

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