If there is one part of our body that is the most prone to injury, it is the feet. And this is not surprising because if there is one part of the body that moves the most and receives the most pressure from the entire body, it is the feet. This is why Orthopedic foot and ankle specialists are especially dedicated to knowing all the problems of the feet and giving you all the right treatment that you need. The sad part is, a lot of us neglect the feet even when this part of the body that needs the most care. You, the people of Savannah, must visit Savannah Orthopedic foot and ankle specialists if you’re facing any trouble.

That being said, here are some of the most common problems of the feet that you need to be aware of:

Forefoot Pain

Forefoot pain is something that a lot of patients tend to complain about. Two most common reasons behind these are hammer toes and bunions. The former is a condition where the joints of the little toes get bent in an abnormal way. The latter is a form of painful swelling on the big toe. There are many causes for forefoot injuries, one of the most common among them having bad shoes.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is one of the most common problems among foot patients. Ankle pain can result from a variety of factors, some of the most common among them being fractures, dislocations, and sprains. These are most commonly the result of accidents.


This might sound sensible to you. The feet are the part of the leg that we use the most which only goes to explain why foot and ankle problems are so common. Of this, heel pain is one of the most common. This could be because of strain to a ligament in the foot.

Another common problem faced by patients who tend to walk a lot is tendonitis. This is characterized by inflammation to a tendon in the foot.


This is mainly common among the old and middle-aged. This is a form of stiffness characterized by joint pain. Arthritis is of different types. It can be a form of damage to the bone, ligaments and tendons, a form of wear and tear, or even an after-effect of an injury to the foot or ankle. Did you know that there are certain neurological diseases that mainly result in foot and ankle diseases?

Cysts and Tumours

One of the scariest when it comes to problems with your feet. Cysts can be a result of infections and in some cases, repetitive injuries in the feet. Tumors, however, are more likely to be a result of age. For tumors, specialists provide surgical excision, cryosurgery or even MRI. You can choose the treatment that you think is best for you.

Skin and Nails

And finally, we have one of the most neglected forms of diseases in the foot and ankle, namely skin and nail diseases. But no, specialists do not neglect these for you but come up with some of the most effective treatments to restore the beauty of your feet so you can walk confidently in strappy sandals again.

And it’s not just this. Specialists have a range of treatments for not just adults but kids too in their clinic. So, no matter what it is, just book an appointment and leave your feet in their hands. And their expertise will provide your feet with all the care and attention that it needs.

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