Dear Legs,

I’m writing to tell you how much I love you. Really, I do. It may seem like I don’t. I’m always yelling at you move faster, be stronger, and lose some weight. I’m sorry if I’ve been negative these past few weeks. Just because I know that you can take the abuse doesn’t mean I need to be abusive. You do a great job Legs and I’m happy to have you.

I’m also writing you because I need a favor. Tomorrow is a big day for us, Legs. We’ll be running our first 1/2 marathon in over a year! Keep your socks on, Feet, I know you’re excited. I’m excited too, but I’m also awfully nervous. Stomach has been giving me the what-what all day and frankly I wish she would take a hint from you two and calm down. Why does she have to be so crampy ? Why is GI Track so temperamental? Why does Gut have to be so high maintenance? That’s why I love you, Legs. You don’t get nervous. You don’t get moody or emotional. You are as calm and cool as a cucumber tonight.

So, Legs, tomorrow I want us to ignore Gut, and GI and Stomach. I want us to pretend like their complaints don’t exist. I want us to run cool, calm, happy and also ridiculously fast. I want for us to have an amazing race. Think positive thoughts, Legs. Get lots of rest this evening and remember to put on BodyGlide tomorrow morning. We have 13.1 miles to race and I want you to cross the finish line having spent every last ounce of energy stored in your cells. The race is all about you. Make me proud!

Lots of Leggy Love,

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