Located in South M elbourne, Resilience center assures to offer physical health and functional strength through services such as clinical Myotherapy, remedial massage, functional strength training and martial arts. If you a person who looks to lose weight with high intensity training or an adult who is on search for a treatment to reduce your back pain, the Resilience is the apt place to offer Boxing and Muay Thai for the former and Clinical myotherapy for the latter. To sum up, Resilience is a one place station to provide all health and physical benefits that suits your need. Chris Gauntlett is the founder of Resilience who has 15 years of experience in massage therapy and strength training to their potential clients.

Services offered at Resilience  Centre

Clinical Myotherapy and Massage

These massages mainly focus on tissue dysfunction and musculoskeletal pain. The concern is provided for the targeted spots. It plays an effective role in injury management, treats scar tissue and cures poor circulation. It also teaches the home exercises and stretches that has to be continued after the remedial massage therapy. The techniques used in the massage therapy are trigger point therapy, cross fibre friction, cupping, muscle energy techniques and deep tissue massage. All are scientifically approved and assures fast health recovery. Resilience is popular in treating chronic pain, muscular tension and pre/post sports massage among its regular clients.

Strength and Conditioning

It is not just lifting weights. It is about power, strength endurance, flexibility, anaerobic performance, balance, cardio vascular performance and neuro-muscular coordination. It teaches the art of working the body to gain physical confidence and enjoy daily activities. The JEMS movement taught by Joanne Elphinston, a renowned physiotherapist and sports medicine lecturer has helped various sports persons in World championships. The professional first access your strength, flexibility and body condition, do mapping of a suitable training program and implement it to achieve the target goal. Post training support is also provided.

Martial Arts Training

Resilience offers martial arts classes and training such as Wing Chun Kung-fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Boxing and Muay Thai. Wing Chun kung-fu is an old Chinese martial arts form that was made popular by the actor Bruce Lee. It teaches self defense, improved health and fitness, mental focus, clarity and self confidence.  Tai chi Chuan is another Chinese martial arts suitable for all age groups. It enables relaxation, proper joint alignment, energy flow and breathing. Boxing and Muay Thai teaches both the classical method and modern training skills for self defense and fun. Resilience academy offers practical benefits and encourages resilience by providing training in these three top martial arts that promotes many health benefits and fitness levels.


Online bookings are open for all the three services namely massage therapy, personal training sessions and self defense training martial arts in their official website https://www.resiliencemt.com.au/. Email booking confirmation is sent and reminder SMS before 24 hours of appointment is sent to the clients from the academy. Digital gift certificated for massage therapy is also available in the website. The charges for massage therapy is $80, personal training is $75 for one person and $100 for two persons and defense classes for $20 each. Fixed time slots are provided based on the available free slots.

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