One of the major concerns that come to one’s mind when thinking of immigrating to a new destination is family. But if you are planning to move to Canada, things can be much smoother for you, thanks to the Canada family visas! The Canadian government has regard for the fact that families need to stay together. And for this reason, they allow an easy immigration of the family members as well. Close family members such as spouse or dependent children can be included in the same application for immigration to Canada. However, other family members such as parents or grandparents are to be sponsored by the citizens of Canada or permanent citizens there.

Requirements for Canada Family Visas

  • For Spouses or Partners

Spouse or the law partner can be included in the initial migration application of the applicant itself. The dependent children of the spouse can also be included in the same visa application. A simple immigration application for the Canada family visa can have all of this.

  • Children

As per a new ruling in August 2014, the children below the age of 19 years can be included in the main visa application of the applicant. Earlier, this age was 22 years. However, there is no age limit for the children who are disabled in either a physical or a mental way or are suffering from a health condition.

In case the applicant’s or his spouse’s dependent children also have dependent children of their own, they can also be included in the main visa application of the applicant.

  • Parents and Grand Parents

The parents or the grandparents cannot be included in the initial visa application of the applicant. They need to be sponsored by either the Canadian residents or the permanent residents of the country. However, in some rare cases where they are living in extreme hardships and they deserve compassionate and humanitarian grounds for this decision, they can be included in the initial visa application.

  • Other family members

Sponsorship applications for the visa can be made for orphaned relatives who are under 19 years of age. Such relatives can include brothers, sisters, grandchild, nephew or niece. An applicant can also sponsor a child that they plan to adopt and who is under19 years of age. However, they must follow the international adoption laws for the same.

Eligibility to sponsor a family member

In case an individual wishes to sponsor their parents or grandparents for immigrating to Canada, the family members along with the applicant must sign a sponsorship agreement that states:

  1. They will financially support their parents or grandparents if they get unemployed for a period anywhere between 3 to 10 years.
  2. The parents and the grand parents will take all the possible measures to keep themselves financially independent.

Apart from these, there are also certain conditions that prevent an individual from sponsoring their parents or grandparents. These must be taken care of to avoid any legal proceedings.

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