If you want to send parcels to Russia, then you have to make an intricate research online. If you do not have enough time for this research then you can also have a detailed consultation with an expert courier company dealing with high end Russian delivery services.

In this respect, multi channel delivery is the most preferred option. This kind of delivery option can deliver your parcels faster without inviting any hassles. Experienced courier companies are well aware of the Russian regulations and custom rules and thus they are proficient in dealing with them.

Things to be considered

If you wish to get best Russian delivery services then few important things need to be considered.

  • Not all courier companies cover all deliverable regions of Russia. Therefore, you should get such a company that offers delivery to your desirable location.
  • Expert courier teams should be capable of preparing all essential documents needed for making the parcels delivered easily and efficiently.
  • Only deliverable items should be chosen as parcels otherwise your parcel will be returned by Russian custom authority. It is the duty of your courier company to provide you the list of those items that can be legally delivered to Russia without any restrictions.
  • Payment option is quite a great deal in this respect. You should choose the most flexible payment option so that you can easily make the pay out.
  • Delivery timing needs to be known. If you have business relations with Russia then you need to send parcels on a regular basis. In this respect, you should definitely know the delivery timing so that your customers in Russia do not suffer due to unwanted delay.

Common custom restrictions for non EU countries

Parcels coming from non European countries are highly subjected towards few restrictions. These restrictions have been established by Russian custom authority for protecting the country from different unwanted hassles or affairs.

  • In most of the cases, business shipments are allowed. This is because business parcels can be easily verified and on the other hand proper documentation is also found without any dispute. Private parcels can never be delivered to any corporate address in Russia. If any such case occurs then the sender will have to bear a fine for parcel return. Confidential documents for business purposes can be definitely sent without any obligations.
  • Foodstuffs cannot be delivered as they are perishable items. Perishable items get damaged easily as a result of which the delivery might get interrupted. This is the very reason that it has been strictly notified from Russian custom authority that no food item should be delivered to the country. Processed pet foods should come with a vet certificate and then only they will be accepted in the country.
  • All Russian places are not deliverable locations ,therefore, before sending the parcels you should not forget checking that whether your recipient’s location comes under deliverable limit or not. If you choose an efficient and highly experienced courier company then from them only you can come to know about this info.

Apart from these restrictions, there are some restrictions for courier companies as well. If the courier company is efficient enough then these restrictions can be easily dealt. These restrictions are now treated as the base of modern Russian delivery services.

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