POS Malaysia formerly known as Pos Malaysia & Services Holdings Berhad is a postal service providing company in Malaysia. Pos Malaysia was officially founded in 1992 but this company was working since the 1800s in Singapore, Malaya and Malacca by providing first ever postal services to these countries. POS is generally a government linked public traded company and is providing services in more than 232 countries worldwide. Headquarters of POS is situated in Ibu Pejabat Pos Besar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and CEO of Pos Group is Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh. The parent company of POS is DRB-HICOM, which is an automotive parts manufacturing, assembling and distributing corporation of Malaysia.

There are more than 16 subsidiaries which are completely owned and controlled by POS such as PSH Allied Berhad, Real Rivera Sdn Bhd, Datapos Sdn Bhd, PMB Properties Sdn Bhd and various more. Some of the associated companies with Pos includes CEN Sdn Bhd, Elpos Print Sdn Bhd, PosPay Exchange Sdn Bhd and two more. There are a number of postal services provided by Pos within Malaysia and outside also for different kind of work and shipment processes. Some of the best and top postal services provided by Pos are mentioned below in this article. If the users or Pos are facing any type of problem or want any type of support related to their services, then they can easily contact the concerned department at POS Malaysia contact number. Check out the postal services provided by Pos within Malaysia.

  • EMS (Express Mail Service)

Express Mail Service is one of the best courier services provided by them in more than 232 countries worldwide. This service is mainly for documents and special merchandise. This is the fastest mode of shipping the products within the nation or outside by paying nominal charges. Other services included in EMS are the pick-up, drop-off, insurance and various more.

  • FlexiPrepaid

This service is mainly used and beneficial for the E-Commerce portals or business use where the user has the option to promote their own business by means of different packaging marketing techniques. Order track and trace option is also provided by the company along with the compensation up to RM92 for any type of loss or damage of the product.

  • FlexiPack

This service is available in two options FlexiPack Domestic and FlexiPack International. It is the most convenient and cheapest way to make deliveries local or at the international level. This service is mostly used by the online platforms and by normal people to send the packages to their clients or relatives. Some of the key features of Pos FlexiPack includes online tracking facility and insurance cover only for the registered deliveries.

  • General Mail

It is the most common postal service provided by Pos in Malaysia. There are four services under General Mail such as Standard Mail, Non-Standard Mail, Postcards and Mel Rakyat. All of these services have different terms & conditions and delivery charges, which can be found on the official website of Pos.

 The company has another office in Dayabumi.Complex. POS Malaysia Dayabumi contact information is available on official website.

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