In a number of industries, the hermetic seal is utilised for a number of applications to a great extent. The main purpose of this seal is to make any particular object airtight. This kind of seal is widely demanded to ensure safe and correct functionality of a huge number of electronic products. Right from food to pharmaceutical, this seal finds its applications in almost every industry. It ensures protection to the products by keeping contaminants and moisture out. Whenever it comes to buying these seals, people get confused because of availability a number of seals in the market.

Are you confused about how to find the right seal for your application? If yes then here are some essential pointers that’ll help you to buy the best and functional seals. These include:

Consider the finish

An important point that you need to consider is the finish of the seal. The outer finish is considered extremely important as it protects the seal from corrosion, abrasion, climatic conditions and environment. You’ll find a number of standard finishes such as silver plating, copper plating, gold plating, nickel plating. Thus, you can choose the seal as per your application and requirements.

Check out the shell of the seal’s connector

There’s availability of two shell types- rectangular and circular. Along with this, connectors are made up of different materials such as Inconel, stainless steel, titanium, cold rolled sheets, and Kovar. Every material has different properties such as titanium is featured with lightweight but it has the ability to seal the heavy products.

Thus, it’s always advised to choose the seals only after understanding their connector’s shell type.

Ask the experts

And the next on the list is that you can also discuss with the experts to acquire more information. If you’re not familiar of the seals then you can get help from the experts. From them, you’ll come to know about the exact technical specifications and features of the seal. Also, if anyone in your circle has bought these seals then you can ask about them. Through this, you’ll come to know which seal is suitable for your work.

Compare on mechanical properties

Another important pointer that you must follow is to compare the different types of seals on the basis of their mechanical properties and hardness. Whether it’s ceramic, plastic or glass, every seal has different properties. On comparing their properties, you can get an idea of which seal is the right option for your requirements. There are different hermetic seal manufacturers and shops from where you can get the chart of mechanical properties of the seals. This’ll help you in deciding which has better properties. Also, check whether the seal is resistant to extreme temperature or not.

There’s no doubt the hermetic seal comes with a number of benefits that make it ideal to be used in various industries. You’ll find a huge range of seals in the market which sometimes confuses the buyers. By comparing the seals on hardness and correct pin configuration, you can find your right seal for your application.

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