Global law experts, such as Bob Bratt among many others, agree on very few things, but there is one issue on which nearly all of them can agree: Online communication is definitely changing the face of modern business – and business law as well. The effects of this change can be seen everywhere, from official company websites to blog posts, and from social media pages to the daily news broadcast.

The Internet Has Rewritten The Laws Of Corporate Conduct 

The Internet has rewritten the rules of conduct in many ways, starting with the fact that instantaneous communication has made it far easier to transact business in real time. This sea change in the industry has brought enormous benefits, but also a whole new set of problems that need to be solved in a productive and meaningful fashion. The way in businesses interact with the government of their native lands, as well as the way in which they communicate to their customers, has undergone a necessary alteration.

Changing The Time Frame Of Business And Personal Transactions 

As noted above, the Internet has changed the time frame of business transactions from “next week” to “right now.” Along with this instant communication has come a need to alter the way in which companies do business with each other, for the simple reason that they are interacting with each other on a far more personal level than ever before. This is true not only for official business transactions between companies, but also in the way that corporations respond to the new ethics regulations that are now being imposed.

The Rules Of The Game Are Being Reinterpreted On A Daily Basis

As such, the rules of etiquette – not merely corporate but, in many cases, also personal – have had to undergo a series of transitions in order to maintain a due sense of received propriety. This change has had serious ramifications throughout all sectors of industry. At times, it may seem as if the rules of the game are being reinterpreted on a daily basis, as governmental regulation agencies struggle to keep abreast of events.

Global Corporate Law Is Experiencing An Unexpected Renaissance 

As a direct result of the revolutionary advent of instant Internet communication, the practice of global corporate law is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. More than ever before, global law experts are being called upon to resolve thorny issues, such as intellectual property disputes and many other related problems. It is the task of these new experts, freshly created by the advent of the world wide web, to resolve these issues in a fair and equitable manner.

When The World Comes Together, Peace Makers Appear On The Scene

What passes as the law of the land in one region of the world may be simply unheard of on the far side of the planet. As such, the new age of Internet communication has brought nations together, at the risk of sometimes coming too close for comfort. This new state of affairs requires the presence of expert peace makers who are qualified to resolve disputes and bring a whole new level of mutual cooperation, progress, and prosperity to the international corporate culture. In short, the era of the corporate diplomat is now dawning.

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