Yesterday was my first day at my new (dream) job. It was fantastic, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was the new kid in school. During lunch I chatted about office workflow, schedules and upcoming projects with another producer. In the conversation she mentioned that the studio director and she were both impressed with my ultra running and that was part of what convinced them to bring me in for an interview (yes, running is on my resume). So while I was definitely qualified and am a great match for this job, I have running to thank for getting me in the door.

Obligatory Running Notes:

Ran 79 miles last week and feel great

Participated in a clothing optional 5k dash/streak. Finished second overall (first place female) and confirmed that while clothing won’t make you faster it certainly provides dignity

Completed track workout that consisted of 16×400 repeats with 20-30 seconds rest in between. I highly recommend this workout. It’s fantastic.

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