Good health is tricky to define as the parameters vary from individual to individual. However, a few aspects of health remain uniform in all explanations, namely a healthy diet, adequate sleep, mental relaxation and physical activity. We will talk about diet and physical activity in this piece.

Diet plays the determining factor in our health as it literally depends on what we put in our body. If you keep binging on junk foods that admittedly taste a lot better than their healthy counterparts, chances are you will develop increased cholesterol and fall prey to decreased stamina and easy breathlessness. On the other hand, eating healthy might not sound so delicious but in the long run each of those fruits and veggies contribute to your health in innumerable ways, like strengthening your muscles, keeping excessive fat at bay, keeping your energy up so that you don’t need a daily dose of coffee or energy drinks, and maintaining your fresh skin. The next important component of good health is physical activity.

We as a species were not designed to stay on the couch all day scrolling through twitter feed upon twitter feed, facebook page upon facebook page. Our ancestors simply couldn’t afford being this carefree as their survival depended on it. They always moved around and learnt new skills. Physical activity has been a mainstay in our species’ timeline but has gradually been decreasing recently, leading to a rise in many metabolic syndromes like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Cardiovascular problems.

You do not have to hit the gym and start lifting heavy weights and benching 200 pounds immediately to start your fitness goals. Something as simple as a 30-minute walk everyday for 5 days is deemed enough by doctors to keep the majority of debilitating conditions at bay. One way of achieving even more is with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai or ‘Thai Boxing’ is the national sport of Thailand. It is a close combat technique that uses punches, kicks, grapples and holds as its main form of offence. The body parts used for this purpose are also utilized as defense mechanism, making Muay Thai an overall body-centered fighting technique. Because of it using mainly the human body as a weapon and shield, Muay Thai is very simple to learn. This is partly the reason why Muay Thai is widely popular as not just a combat routine but also a generalized fitness regime. Tourists visiting Thailand and adjacent areas are often amazed seeing practically everyone practicing Muay Thai, from young children to senior citizens.

From a tourist’s point of view, Muay Thai is a very effective yet simple technique to start incorporating into their skill set. SuWit Muay Thai and become a winner for health is a good program. Not only can you benefit from the defensive aspect of it but Muay Thai in itself is also an intensive enough exercise to aid in your weight loss programs.

Muay Thai is taught throughout Thailand, from recreational gyms catering to enthusiasts, to Nak Muay gyms that almost exclusively train professional fighters, to Foreigner focused training camps that specially cater to tourists and introduce them to the sport.

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