A healthy body requires feeding on a balanced diet and doing physical exercises regularly to acquire required fitness and increase muscle volume. Therefore, one must choose what they eat well, and make sure they practice enough so as to lose weight. Otherwise, if you don’t eat healthy balanced diet, there are malnutrition ailments that you become prone to, and if you eat without exercising, you become obese which is a condition that is associated with excess weight gain.

Body fitness exercises are categorized into different types. We have the cardiovascular/aerobic exercises, the anaerobic exercises the joint flexibility and the muscular endurance exercises. All these play a critical role in the overall physical fitness of human beings. Let`s look at each and see how it helps in body health.

Cardiovascular/ Aerobics Exercises and Their Role in Body Health

This relates to the blood circulatory system and the respiratory system of a human being. Some of the exercises that will help these organs include running, walking, dancing and even jumping.  To keep your organs healthy, you need to participate in these for at least 60 minutes in a day. A continuous twelve minutes of aerobics will help the body produce the fat burning enzymes that will help you lose weight. Therefore, the exercises such as boxing and mostly Muay Thai are good examples of some of the exercises that will help since they involve aerobics.

Anaerobic Exercises and Their Role in Body Fitness

These are exercises that involve the body muscles working in an oxygen-deprived state. Therefore the body will produce enzymes that will burn the sugar in your body. This means that you will be consuming more energy than the body is replacing. Examples of these exercises include playing football, and tennis, sprinting and weightlifting. By consuming more energy, you help in controlling weight gain by using the excess energy stored as sugar in your body.

Joint Flexibility Exercises and Their Role in Body Health

Flexible joints are a critical component of the overall body physical fitness. This relates to the movement of the joints such as knees and the shoulders. A good example of exercises that help in movement of joints includes all, aerobic exercises and yoga exercises. Joint mobility is important and helps in regenerating the tissue found in the joints area and supplying oxygen to those tissues.

Muscular Endurance and Their Role in Physical Fitness

These are exercises that help in supplying oxygen to the muscles so that they can perform without fatigue. If the muscles can exert force well, then this is an indication of physical fitness. Example of the exercises that help in this is bench press.

Muay Thai is a sporting activity that is very common in Thailand and helps in acquiring body physical fitness. There are several training camps in Thailand that offer training on Muay Thai. The sport involves aerobics joint flexibility, and anaerobic exercises and the training camps have gym equipment necessary for muscle endurance exercises. Therefore it is a critical sport that helps lose body weight. Enroll today and start your road to a great physical healthy body.

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