I’ve wanted a dog for a long time, but the situation was never right. My apartment was too small, my hours were too long, and the cost seemed too high. But folks, that has all changed. I recently moved into a new, bigger apartment. Unlike my previous studio, this apartment has a bedroom and a bathroom with a tub that doesn’t clog every 20 seconds. Now when I’m ready to go to bed I have to go to an entirely different room. I feel so adult-like. The best feature about my apartment has nothing to do with the apartment itself. Located 92 seconds from my sofa is the best running haven in all of Portland – a gigantic 100+ acre forest with over 50 miles of running trails. It’s like having Disneyland in your backyard. Except better.

Then last week I met a dog. Well, not just any dog. This dog
Abby the Super Dog

Abigail is an Oregon Humane Society rescue dog and was in foster care at a local dog boarding/day care facility.

I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have a look. What was the worst that could happen? It’s not like I’d immediately swoon over her cuteness or anything, right? It wasn’t like I’d actually get her, right? I mean, she seemed so small and I figured I’d eventually end up with a big pointer mix or something – you know, a dog that could hang with me on my runs.

I went to the doggie daycare, pulling along my boyfriend and his daughter. They brought out Abigail who immediately jumped up on all of us, tail wagging and tongue lolling around. We took her for a long walk and all agreed that she was 1. ridiculously cute and 2. very energetic.

The next day I went back by myself. I brought along my running shoes and some dog biscuits. This time we didn’t walk, we ran. Let me tell you, this dog, despite her small stature, is a runner! We went for 30 minutes and while she clearly doesn’t have the endurance yet, she is all go, go, tail wagging and everything. I returned after 45 minutes having a much better idea of her personality. Then I quizzed the staff. Did she get along well with other dogs? How about people? Was she aggressive? With proper training could she be a distance runner? They assured me that with her energy level and body structure, she could be a great running companion.

I chewed it over with my boyfriend and we agreed. Abby seemed like a great fit. Unfortunately I was scheduled to fly the next day to L.A and wouldn’t be around to fill out adoption paperwork or get the necessary dog-owning equipment. My boyfriend stepped in. While I worked in L.A. he filled out the paperwork, purchased a dog crate and dog food and worked with the dog boarding facility to keep Abby until I returned.

I picked up Abby Thursday afternoon, put on her new collar and took her home. So far things have been going smoothly. She’s gone on a 1/2 hour run with me, spent 1/2 day at work with me and gone on many many many walks. My overall impression is that she is a high energy dog that can go from 0 to 60 in no time. What is remarkable as well is that she can also go from super excited to loving cuddle bug in minutes. As I’m writing this, she is curled in a ball next to me snoozing away. Here are some pictures of my new super dog.

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