Dear Phil, (My Garmin Forerunner 405),

Did you know, Phil, that we’ve been together for more than a year? I remember the first day I saw you. So strapping. So strong. So smart. It seemed like a perfect match. But in the past year we’ve had our ups and our downs. Sometimes you’d quit on me during a run. Sometimes you’d fail to communicate. It was frustrating. So I need to tell you something, Phil. Something big:

Phil, I’ve been seeing someone else.

His name is James (James Dean, actually). And he is. . .well, I just have to say it: He’s hot. He’s fast. And he’s strong.

Meet James Dean: The Cannondale CADD9 Frame
What I’m saying Phil, is that our relationship will no longer be exclusive (to running). You’ll need to adapt and change modes. Will you stick with me? It seems like a yes so far. During our first ride together (all three of us, James, you and me – kind of awkward, I know!) you were on target, happily beeping away at every mile. You were so accurate. So timely. So interested in what James was doing.

You know, Phil, now that I think about it. Maybe you actually prefer James the Road Bike? I can see why you’d be attracted to him. He’s sophisticated and precise just like you. During our ride on Friday it seemed like you were more accurate on distance and speed. Is it easier to triangulate on open, mostly straight roads? It certainly must be easier than trying to track me through dense forests and up switchbacks. Maybe you just find James just as hot and awesome to work with as I do. It’s possible.

So Phil, go out with James. Have fun beeping the mile splits as we ride along, but don’t forget – We’re runners first.

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