The arena for horse riding facilities is one of the most significant expenditures. This is a very important aspect for horse riding programs. But there needs to be certain considerations made before creating this arena for riding purposes. Let’s find out more about having a horse arena and constructing one.

Factors for Creating a Horse Arena

The building of a good horse arena is not enough for the riding to take place. There are several considerations that have to be made apart from just creating a perimeter with the fences. The entire work is complicated and involves science in making it not only a safe, but also a durable and consistent surface.

There are many issues like drainage problems, irregularities in the surface, and also influence of weather and climate that has to be taken into account before creating the horse arena. If the surface is very hard, then it may lead to injuries to the bone, joint and the hoof. On the other hand, if the surface is too soft, then it will result in injuries to the soft tissues. The irregularity of the surface will affect the performance of the horses as well as cause injury due to the transition between hard and soft surface.

Foundation of the Arena

One of the most important things to consider about making horse arena is its foundation. This is because it will give the arena a stable base. So, the material that is used should be the same even in the ground area. There should not be any use of unstable bases like crushed concrete. Instead, the authorities have recommended the use of limestone or asphalt to create an arena for horse riding. The top layers of the arena will depend upon the material that is used as well as the consistency of the material, and how effective is the drainage system.

Weather and Climate

These are the factors that are very important for the arena surfaces , as it largely affects the consistency and behavior of the surface. If the surface is inconsistent, then it will definitely affect the stability of the horse. The horses would also begin to feel fatigue after a few hours of running. Hence, the content of both temperature and moisture of the racing arena does matter a lot in the behavior of the surface. So, it is preferable to choose the surface material as per the local climate. There are many facility owners who choose the primary arena surface material, and then add other materials in order to improve the footing of the surface.

Amount of Water

The control of water amount is as important as the selection of the surface material. This is because the rate of evaporation differs between indoor and outdoor surfaces. It actually depends upon the exposure to sun or shade. If the sand is dry, then it is important to increase the moisture content that will increase the stability of the surface. On the other hand, dusty horse arena surface creates health hazard to the horses. So, it is suggested that such areas should be evenly watered on a regular basis.

Maintenance of the Area

A proper maintenance like constant upkeep will ensure a stable and consistent surface that will last longer. Hence leveling, harrowing and rolling of the arena surface should be regular and frequent.

The best thing about horse riding spaces is that irrespective of the weather conditions, the design of the space compliments the entire area. There are different designs that will make the horse arena look beautiful and exciting. It is therefore possible to create a perfect sanctuary and explore innovative designs for both the indoor and outdoor areas.

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