A typical Australian HR support office scene: busy people working in busy environment. Since Australians are known for being serious when it comes to their career, Australian workplaces are always busy, which can have some negative effects to employees as far as health is concerned. If you are an employee working in a stressful and busy environment, it is important for you to know how to combat stress and other health risks related to your office job. You must prioritize your health because it is the one that keeps you going at work. If you are sick, you lose money, which is why it is very important to put your health in your top priority list above everything else.

As an employee working in a dynamic and ever-busy working environment, you are at risk of suffering from different types of health issues including but not limited to back pain, leg pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and eye problem. In order to avoid these health issues, you should practice certain steps, including the following:

Get up from your office chair from time to time – If your back is feeling tired or is aching, don’t leave it as it is, instead, and get up from your chair and move. When you are sitting in front of you computer for hours, chances are, your muscles tire and your back is more susceptible to pains. You can go to the water station to grab a drink, or go to the wash room. The rule of thumb is to be mobile in order to stretch your stressed out muscles.

Keep your body aligned when sitting – Proper posture when sitting in your office chair is important to avoid back pains or injury. It is suggested to distribute your body weight evenly to the front and back. When sitting, sit up straight. You can align your ears, shoulders, and hips in one vertical line to make sure you are sitting up straight. However, be reminded that sitting up straight will also tire your muscle, which is why it is also important to change your sitting position every now and then.

Stretch your legs – If your legs are feeling tired, you can ease it without even standing. Stretch out your legs so that the muscles will feel relaxed and refreshed. By doing your stressed out leg muscles will be relieved, which can help you focus more on your work.

Exercise – Your muscles tend to be more prone to injuries if you lack exercise or physical activities. Instead of sitting on your chair the whole day, it is suggested to let your muscles work so they will not be easily stressed and tired. Aside from burning calories and fat, you are also making your muscle fit and less prone to pains and other health issues.

Some workplaces do not have regard for ergonomics, putting their employees in great health risk. Employees working in a busy environment are likely to be exposed to different health risks like back pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, irritated eyes, among others. Hence, employers should make their workplaces ergonomically designed to suit the health needs of employees.

Employers should consider their employees’ health by providing them with ergonomically designed office tools, equipment, and facilities. Changing traditional office chairs with ergonomically designed ones will give comfort to employees, and may even motivate them to do better at work, resulting in better productivity in the HR support office. Office ergonomics is important to make sure that employees will not be prone to different health issues like muscle pain. However, keep in mind that even if your employer provides you with all the ergonomically designed office logistics, it is still your duty to practice safety precautions to avoid injuries while at work.

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