There comes a time in life when a person needs assistance with even the trivial tasks of the day. During this time, their loved ones move them with the family to a far off place or put them in a care home to take good care of them. But going away from home doesn’t work well with people in old age. They miss their home and their surroundings, which instigate anxiety and frustrations.

Thus, it is vital to think of ways to encourage independence in the elderly, letting them stay in their own home for as long as they want! One of the ways is to look for live in care Hertfordshire, and there are multiple other options available!

Tips to make the elderly independent

We are listing some expert tips to encourage independence in the elderly, letting them stay in their own home.

Home Proofing

Just like the babies, the elderly can also get hurt if you do not do the home proofing for them. Do simple modifications like setting up ramps, getting modified kitchen utensils and installing automated electronic items so that they can do their basic tasks with ease. If the elderly in your home has some disability, make sure you adjust the home interiors accordingly.

Change the Interiors

There is a need to make small changes in the interiors, like placing things on the lower shelves, making them easy to grab. De-cluttering the home as much as possible, ensuring the elderly don’t struggle to search for the stuff they need.

Take care of mobility 

Another thing you can do is take care of the mobility of the elderly. If they use a wheelchair, get the modified product, which can go to at least the community grocery store! Furthermore, if they can drive, get a vehicle for an easy commute.

Live-in care

One of the significant arrangements you need to make is ensuring health and safety. It is better to look for the live in care Hertfordshire and provide a 24×7 assistant to the elderly. They have a team of experts who can help with the daily tasks. They take care of feeding, cleaning, giving medicines and a lot more. It assures you that there is a professional helping the elderly all the time.

Social Circle

Though the life in care experts also provide excellent company to the elderly, you should still focus on the social circle and entertainment factor. Make them join the old age groups or societies that keep them engaged. The idea is to give them a life wherever they live.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can give the elderly in your home the independence to live the way they want. Arrange things for them, and choose the best assistance to make sure they stay safe and enjoy every day in their life.