In spite of all the research that shows masturbation as something that has a damaging impact on the health of an individual, there are a few who claim that it is an essential aspect of a healthy sexual development. However, even in today’s modern world, masturbation is considered as a taboo and often many people do not wish to talk about it.

Many men and women actually get displeased when they find that their romantic partner is involved in masturbation. This leads them to believe that their partner is dissatisfied or bored and this is here that the complexities begin. Listed below are a few of the negative effects masturbation has on your significant other and other things.

The Partner Feels Neglected

Masturbation usually gets initiated during the adolescent period. Some people often get addicted to it and continue indulging in masturbation even after they have a partner. Getting addicted to masturbation is, in fact, bad and makes the individual look forward to masturbation more than spending time with their partner. This leads to the partner feeling neglected and at times not desired. If you prefer to masturbate rather than connecting sexually with your partner, you are addicted to it and should seek help.

It Has Started To Interfere With Your Work

Most of the people who are addicted to masturbation often do not realize that masturbation can affect their work too. It has in fact been found out that individuals who use masturbation as a sort of coping mechanism for their stress might privately masturbate at work. Besides the complications at work, it can also lead to other damaging stress-management behaviors. It has often been seen that people who instead of turning to relational relief turn to relational relief, feel difficult to share their feelings. This often leads to frustration.

Guilt Related To It

People who are addicted to masturbation often feel guilty and it can also have a negative psychological impact on the individual. This shame or guilt might be due to the media messages, views and opinions of the family or spiritual or religious beliefs. Due to this, people can at times be rather hard on themselves. the continuous war between what people are told to refrain versus what is actually pleasurable and feels natural can have an effect on the self-esteem and confidence of the individual. it can also lead to the individual keeping a secrecy about their sexual behavior.

Unsuccessful Attempts to Get Rid of It

People who are addicted to masturbation have admitted that they have had several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it. Masturbation eventually might increase in frequency and you would start feeling helpless to stop it. The best way, however, would be to consult a professional who can provide you with valuable advice so that you can get rid of this addiction.

People often feel ashamed of this addiction and do not speak of it to anyone. But, they often do not understand the negative effects masturbation has on your significant other. It is therefore advisable to seek treatment which can help you to get rid of this addiction in the best possible way.

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