Our memory is insufficient to remember the thousands of things we hear during a day. Most often, we need to take notes of important things and fail to recall them. Transcription of speech-to-text comes as a boon to those people who need to maintain a record for conversations taking place at any event. From a brief summary to an elaborate explanation, UK transcription services make maintaining records a cakewalk.

Classification Of Transcription Services Based In The Uk

Clients from different sectors in the UK looking for a transcription service that is agile, prompt, accurate and reliable. Service providers in the UK ensure that their transcribers are comfortable with transcription in different dialects and accents.

Audio To Text Transcription

  • The UK transcription serviceswhere speech in the form of audio clips in recorded cassettes and CDs is converted to text.
  • These audio files are later analysed to provide a written explanation.
  • Audio to text services is mostly used during interviews, medical checkups, feedbacks etc. where verbal exchanges happen over a short span of time which later need to be diligently outlined to form an elucidation. 

Video To Text Transcription

  • Recorded videos are replayed to transliterate the content into a document.
  • Video transcriptions are useful during a multiparty conversation e.g. a board meeting or an event cover.
  • Transcription services in the UK hire top-class professionals who figure out speech even from a video depicting mayhem. 

In-person Transcription

  • The most common type of transcription and a common practice since yesteryears.
  • The UK transcription services team would personally attend the meeting or event to take down the details in pen and paper.
  • It helps to catch vocal inflections and other non-verbal cues

Types Of Non-verbal Transcription

  1. Verbatim Transcription 
  • Transcribers pay attention to every intricate detail in a recording or event.
  • All the interjections, stammers, emotions and mumbles are documented.
  • It is mostly used in legal documents.

      2   Edited Transcription 

  • Transcribers use their privilege to edit the transcript 
  • Make necessary changes without altering the underlying sense of the topic. 
  • Attention to every audible detail is not required in this type. 

      3   Intelligent Transcription

 The content remains the same, but redundant statements are omitted.

  • Intonations and figure of speech are considered to give a complete sense to a well-written document. 

Transcription Costs

Transcription costs differ based on the type of transcription and the experience of the employee. 

  • For legal and medical purposes experienced transcribes charge
  • ISO certified transcribers charge 
  • Quotations vary depending on the type of work.

With excellent UK transcription services, customers are pleased with the conscientious facility that seldom fails to meet expectations. To bring a solution to your arduous task, assign an outsourcing UK transcription service in your business as soon as possible.

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