A Driveway or private road is a road that your car follows from the public road to your home or business parking lot. They are often paved or at least gravel lined for durability and may lead to garages or carports where cars can be stored under a roof.

When a public road borders a raised curb or sidewalk, the area corresponding to the carriageway has a ramp, commonly referred to as a “curb cut”, to ensure a smooth transition between the road and carriageway surfaces. 

Why choose Driveway and Patio Experts for homes

The overall look and value of your property can be greatly improved by adding a newly paved driveway or patio area for a relatively small investment.

Years of experience and expertise enable driveway construction providers to provide complete and comprehensive quality paving throughout the East of England, covering all aspects of paving and landscaping.

Why choose professionally made driveways 

  • Locally established and professionally managed company
  • Welcome personal and commercial customers
  • Free Estimates and Friendly Advice
  • An experienced and knowledgeable specialist
  • Reliable and flexible service

Driveway Styles That Are Most Common for Homes

1. Concrete driveway

Concrete is a popular type of driveway for many purposes. The important fact is that the design does not strain your arms or legs. So don’t think about its longevity. Concrete also offers some customizable looks and can be tinted to change colors, tiles, or cost. Concrete is damaged by severe freezing weather and can be treated if there are many houses in this area.

2. Brick driveway

There are more rental companies and businesses in brick driveways, and the fact that brick driveways have an extreme percentage of types, and it’s easy to see why. Stones come in different colors and sizes. When it comes to bricks, it doesn’t take much effort, but the special price is high.

3. Asphalt driveway

Asphalt is the most popular option mainly due to its ease of design compared to concrete. This allows us to reclaim the design value award at future bashes.

Additional support is the massive plunge of the black driveway into the ice floes. This causes a plunge at this point. Only one color and not many options. 

4. Gravel road

The gravel driveways Watford is rough ground that used to be a pillar because the fabric was expensive. You can expect it to find happiness and offer reasonable prices and more expensive structures.


Whether it’s a small driveway for your car or a large commercial parking lot, you can choose a resin bond finish to suit your every need. Resin Bond offers a variety of color and design options to customize your driveway to your liking.