Every car that rolls on the road face troubles or reaches a stage that needs care. But as a complex machine a vehicle has too many parts to deal with. Right from its exterior surface to its inside cabin, from things under the hood to parts lying undercarriage, anything can go wrong with or without a prior notice. So, every vehicle owner needs to be in the knowhow when to call a mechanic, and when to visit an auto body shop. 

Why the Confusion

The head of workers serving a popular auto body repair shop in Salisbury shared his experience, that in most cases, naïve car owners tend to confuse, between the job of a mechanic and that of an auto body repair shop. They think, every kind of damage that a car faces needs to be fixed by mechanics. But that’s a very big misconception. But it is of utmost importance for a vehicle owner to know about the basic maintenance jobs of his car likewhere to go for a repair or damage, and in which kind of cases. 

But he also agreed to the point that it is because of some similarities that an auto body shares with the garages auto repair mechanics, that lead to this confusion. For instance, in an auto repair shop, they might also have a section doing the auto body repairs, and an auto body shop might also have some mechanics to check out the major parts in the car, after the repair job is done. 

Differentiating the Two

An auto body shop will also be known as collision repair centers. These are places where the major technical parts of a vehicle are fixed or repaired. These shops deal with the moving parts of the vehicle on which the operational systems of the car and overall running of the vehicle are dependent upon.

Since, these shops deal with post collision issues, it is quite understandable that they can see your car exterior been affected as well. In that case, they’ll have their own auto body repair workers who can set things right even externally. What you see while receiving back your car is a brand new vehicle that doesn’t show any sign of repair work outside, but you can feel the difference while driving it, of course in a positive sense. 

But an auto body shop will never have all the required equipment to fix the mechanical part of your car if it gets damaged. an auto body shop is to fix only the static parts of your car that doesn’t have anything to do with its running mechanism. It will treat your car back to normal, if there is a dent, a broken windshield, or if the ca paint has either peeled off or has faded out. They won’t even deal with the tires, the AC, or any other accessory that has a mechanism behind. 

So if your car has any of the above said issues, that has damaged its outward or even inside appearance, visit a place like Salisbury auto body shop to fix them back to its original form, if not an advanced one. 

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