Confused about why your vehicle is not offering an excellent performance. Do you change vehicle oil at a scheduled period? If not, then it can be one of the reasons as to why your vehicle is not at its peak performance. Take your vehicle to the nearest Hayden oil change service shop for best results. 

However, you should know a few things about oil change in cars. Thus, take a look at the info below and ensure to keep these in mind always. 

When is the correct time to visit a shop for oil change? 

The correct time for changing oil completely depends on the car brand and model one drives. Mileage and time intervals vary every car is manufactured by a different company. Also, one should keep in mind about the oil type one’s car uses. If it uses synthetic oil then oil change intervals should be longer as these oil type lasts longer than ordinary ones. 

To get the correct estimate of oil change time, one should simply follow the instructions offered in the owner’s manual. It also includes a detailed idea about when to change oil depending on one’s driving qualities such as whether one opts for short trips or long ones.

How frequently oil should be changed? 

Like it is aforementioned, one should follow the owner’s manual for this as the vehicle manufacturer would know what’s best for the car. However, in general, one should change oil between 7,000 – 10,000 miles. 

However, depending on car brand and its condition, professionals can also recommend doing it every six months 5,000 – 6,000 miles, whichever arrives first. People who primarily use a car for short trips or goes through stop-go driving method, have been suggested by experts to do it more frequently that what is mentioned above like every 4,000 miles or so. It won’t hurt anyone and keep engine in best possible condition. To get an adequate ideal visit oil change service Hayden today!

Why change oil at all? 

Now, one of the questions which might lurk in your head is why one needs to change oil at regular interval. Well, oil is what keeps the engine at its best. Like people need food and waiter, vehicle engines need oil. It aids in cleaning several parts inside engine and lubricate them for swifter function. 

With time, a car’s engine gets exposed to dirt, dust, heat, cold start, etc. This makes the oil thicker and dirty. Moreover, it stops functioning properly which leads to deposits and sludge that damages the engine significantly. Hence, for having a remarkable performing car and longer engine life, people requirechanging oil at regular period. 

These are the common things which you should know about oil change. It helps in keeping an engine in perfect condition and offers smooth ride for several years. Since you now know about it in details, always get your car’s oil change at specific timing. Remember, buying a car is an investment and to protect it you need to keep up with its maintenance!

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