Nothing can compare the excitement you feel when you buy your first car, but this feeling of excitement can sometimes lead us to disappointment. Buying a car is not just buying the new shoe or new clothes, it is actually a complex process that you are required to follow so that you are not ended up paying huge amounts of money for a vehicle that you do not even wish to own. Well, do not turn that excitement into a remorse.

Below, we listed down some of the common blunders or mistakes car buyers frequently make that turns excitement into a horrible experience in buying a new car and also some tips to avoid making these mistakes courtesy of our friends from Hyundai Houston Dealers.

· THEY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CAR MODEL- Who does not fall in love right? Watching those trucks, sports cars, and sedans that you want to badly drive on the road entices us to buy them without thinking if it fits our needs, our budgets, and of course, is it practical to own one? When we spend thousands of dollars on a car, we should always overcome emotions with logic. When you are infatuated with a beautiful car, you are likely blinded by choosing an alternative that suits not just your needs but also your wants. It is not all the time that the most beautiful car in the display room is right for you, so use your brain and not your heart. You should learn to compare different models, makes, and brands and create an assessment of your wants and needs for a car so that you can determine what type of car that you need to own.

·  AVOIDING A TEST DRIVE- Foolishly, a lot of people skips test driving, and buys the car right away. This is one of the most foolish mistakes car buyers do when in fact, test driving the car is the most important aspect of buying a car. You are carried away with the good-looking vehicles that you initially believe would suit your needs and fits your driving skills which in the end creates more hassle rather than comfort. Try arranging a test drive by contacting the Hyundai Houston Dealership so that you can compare different vehicles’ performance, function, and comfortability of driving.

· REACHING A DEAL FOR THE STICKER PRICE- A lot of car buyers reaches a deal with their chosen dealership with the sticker price of their chosen car. Well this is a big mistake because the dealer can offer you a deal that is lower than the sticker price and often times, a lot of car buyers mistakenly consider this a good deal, unless if the car is highly in-demand and have shortage of supply, you can actually get an ideal price by negotiating up from what the dealer paid for the price of the car.

· FOCUSING TOO MUCH ON THE MONTHLY PAYMENT- A lot of car buyers frequently ask the dealers about how much will they pay every month for their financed car. Well, they just give the dealer an idea to manipulate them with numbers and make them overpay for their vehicle. Instead of focusing on this, why not instead reach an agreement on the vehicle’s price before you talk about your lease.

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