Avanti Travelcare is an award winning company and has gained specialization in over 50s travel insurance and travelers pre-existing medical conditions. The company considers the medical conditions that are pre-existing in their clients and accordingly builds tailor-made policies which include security and 24-hour medical emergency helpline for their customers. The policy does not include upper age limit which means any person with age above 50 can travel with this travel company. The average customer’s age in their company is 69. The company offers you low-cost travel insurance so that you get a peace of mind while travelling.

Avanti Travel care offers a range of flexible policies, some of them can be explained below:

  • Single Trip: The single trip policies offer cover for various trips such as adventure trips, sport trips, golf trips and cruises. In this policy you can skip the baggage cover premium if you are not having any luggage with you while travelling. The single trip policy includes medical expense, personal belonging cover, cancellation cover and a free insurance for their grandchildren below 18. For the under 70s, maximum trip duration is of 1 year.
  • Annual Multi-trip: Annual travel policy is the best option for explorers who travel more than once annually.  This policy covers unlimited trips in a year for persons of any age. For travelers above 76 of age a 24 days one time trip is arranged to any worldwide destination. Those between 71 and 75 can travel for 31 days one time and for people with 70 and below 45 or 60 days per trip is planned with a small additional premium. This policy covers UK trips for more than 2 days, weekend trips, summer vacation, surprise trips and emergency trips also. Those who are not carrying luggage, they can skip the baggage cover premium in the policy. Just pay for the cover that’s it. Along with other benefits, Winter sports trip up to 17 days is offered free on Annual Multi-trips for people up to the age of 70.
  • Cruise travel insurance: Booking travel insurance is a critical part of your trip especially with cruise holidays, since some cruise operators make travel insurance mandatory for travelers. You might have to pay heavy bills in case you fall ill on a cruise ship.Avanti cruise cover is especially made for travelers who need cruise travel insurance with lot of benefits.
  • Medical travel insurance: If you are under medical condition experts at Avanti Travel care propose you right medical insurance cover. A large number of medical diseases are covered such as cancer, heart disease, Hernia, depression, Asthma, diabetes, and other major ailments. Some of the diseases such as Schizophrenia are covered under terms and conditions of the company. The travelers have to inform the company about their ailment in detail and about the details of the drugs they are taking.

The customer service of Avanti Travel care satisfies the customers and compels them to renew their Trip policies. The contact center of company appoints qualified and professional agents who are ready to attend the phone calls of customers at any time and treat them with courteousness. Customers can also contact them online regarding any queries.

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