In Japanese mythology, you must have heard about Shinigami. But, what is this all about? How people react to it? Basically, these are known as supernatural figures or dead spirits. In traditional folklore, there is no existence of this dead spirit. This is basically made up of two Japanese words that include “shi” which means death. And, “kami” is mainly depicted for god or the spirit.

The entrance of death spirit in the folklore

This all started around the 19th century when the dead spirit entered into Japanese mythology. After this, the ideas of Christianity started to combine with the beliefs of Taoist, Shinto, and Buddhist. If we will talk about the result of this mix then the death spirits came into existence. Many people say that the death spirit is like the grim reaper. But, there can be spotted a few differences between them. One thing that needs to be noticed is that in the folklore of Japan is that death is always seen as a natural part of life. Therefore, gods of death are also known as then agents who ensure the easy functioning of this death cycle. 

In Japanese mythology, you will find various types of kami. In fact, it can be said that everything has a spirit that governs its proper functioning. There are kami for luck, trees, death, and many other things. 

The Appearance Of The Dead Spirit

Many people are curious over a question-how to do they look like? The answer to this question is really hard to get as no one has seen them. Death spirits are invisible for everyone so no one can say about their appearance. But, there are some exceptions who say they some sort of connection to the one who is close to dying. Along with this, people say that they do not have the same size or shape everything.

Story of death spirit

There are a number of stories related to death spirits. One of the most known tales is about a man who is about to commit suicide because of his life’s hassles. A death spirit visited him when he was trying to kill himself. The death spirit has told to the man- your time of death has not come yet. That spirit also explained to him that everyone’s life is being checked and determined on a candle. 

If the candle of life will burn out completely then that person will die. In addition to this, the death spirit also told the man about effective ways in which he can make money and remove all his hassles. He also advised him to become a doctor and cure. The death spirit told him that if you will find med is sitting at the head side of the bed then the patient will die. When the man got a call to treat the patient in place of huge money, the man tricked and changed the position of the bed. After seeing this, the death spirit brings him and then showed the candle of life that was already burning. There the man was asked to transfer either wax or wick to other’s candle. When the man failed in this attempt, he dropped the candle and died. 

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