The gating system and solutions have transformed with the advent of technology, and now we have many new systems coming up. When it comes to the gate we all are aware of automatic gates system, these are electrically operated and are also popularly known as an electric gate. However, electric gates are not something new; they have been there since 1881. It was in this year that the first electric gate was invented. Later the electric gate openers made their ways to other countries and across the world. The first commercial electric gates were designed for reliability. Gradually, the industry saw more affordable alternatives in the electromechanical systems. Today, the electric gates have become a necessity in some sectors and industries.  It is essential to know how these gates work and what is the mechanism that runs behind.  

The mechanism of Electric Gates       

The electric gates manufactured today need to excel in terms of being attractive and for faultless operations. The motorised gate leaf is pre-tensioned so as to lower the risk of bending. The motorised gate leaf is fabricated as per the needs of the client or is available in regular form. The automatic electric gates find extensive use in industrial, residential or commercial premises. Today, there are different types of electric gates, and one finds a steady rise in their demand. 

Benefits of installing Electric Gates:

Electric gates have several benefits to offer

Convenience: One of the primary reasons for opting for the electric gate is that it is highly convenient to use. You don’t need to be present there at the gate every time to open it. Instead, these can be controlled from a certain distance. 

Better security: Another factor which makes these gates the most preferred choice of an individual is that it provides better security since these gates are controlled by the users, it prohibits unauthorized entry, thus making the premises safer. 

Enhances aesthetic appeal: In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, these gates also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the premises, especially when you have them in your commercial space, it gives a more sophisticated look. 

Easy to install: The process of installation is simple and is done by the electrical engineers who would easily install the gate.

Making the right selection

Well, electric gates are mechanized gates which runs on electricity rather than manual operation. There are two motor types of electric motor that form the backbone of any electric gate, hydraulic, or electromechanical. The common types of gates are the Swing gate and the Sliding gate, where one can get the electric motor system installed.

Electric control system for the swing gate: As the swing gate is made of two leaves, it can be motorised in four different ways, by motorising the arms, using Hydraulic motors and Built-in motors or Underground motors. 

Electric control system for the sliding gate:  For those with a sliding gate, the electric gates control system can be installed on the gate itself. Pick the motorised system based on the size and weight of the gate, and the system is then guided by rail. These have become a popular choice over swing gates because they consume lesser space and provide wider entrance area. 

 Points to consider before installing Electric Gate:

Before you go for an electric gate or the electric control system, check the feasibility of the system and always ask the cost of the electric gate. 

Make sure that the power supply is close to the installation point of the motor. Before you get the electric control system installed, inspect the gate and ensure that it is in an excellent mechanical condition and opens and closes properly. 

The safety of electric gates is an important consideration, and it is essential to follow the building codes and safety specifications before installing an electric gate. The good news is that there are several safety devices that are available today that can ensure that those electric gates meet the highest standard of quality and safety.

Electric gates indeed make for a much more practical choice as compared to the conventional gate system . They are easy to operate and far more secure than the conventional gate system.

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