On the onset of a motorcycle accident, there are a few things that you should make sure that you fulfil. This is of course if you’re conscious and you’re not seriously injuries. This is to ensure that no more motorists are injured in the accidents and even yourself. The first thing is to have a life saver sign. The next thing that you want to do is go to a hospital and get checked out. You might not be bleeding but that does not mean that you might not be severely injured. 

Once your safety and health have been checked, then you can start following up on the insurance. There is a procedure that you have to follow and this is more so the case if you intend to have a successful claim. Here is a simple guideline that you should try and follow.

The first thing that you should never do is admit liability. In most cases this rule is even printed in some of the insurance company stickers to make sure that you don’t forget. Initially it may look like your fault and because you could be feeling dazed, you might not be thinking clearly. There could be a variety of other factors that could have prompted the accidents and you admitting liability or offering to pay for any damages means that you accept blame for the whole scenario and your claim goes up in smoke. This can also affect any other insurance payments that you could be entitled to.

If there are any other motorbikes or vehicles that have been involved in the accident, then you should note down their registrations. This is important because it helps in the investigations as well as proving that the accident actually did happen and wipes out any doubts that could have been raised about the accidents.

While you’re taking down the registration, you may also want to note the names and contacts of the other motorists and pedestrians that might have been involved in the accident and if there are any other witnesses, then you should also include their contacts and name therein. It may be of help to know that all road users are obliged to share most of this information which includes the name of the insurer.

It can be very helpful if you’re good at describing it can be helpful but if not it can help to sketch the scene. Alternatively, you can also take photos of the aftermath. Take note of your location and be as precise as possible. It is important and also very helpful. Making sure that you have the best recollection of the incidents does a lot of help to make sure that you have the ideal case and you stand the best chances of your claim falling through.

The next thing that you have to do is get in contact your solicitor with all the information that you have. A solicitor gives you a better chance of getting better value on your claim and they understand the market better. From here, they will be able to guide your through the rest of the process and in case it goes to court, then the information you had fetched will make it an easy win for you.

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