Women fitness has its own challenges and methods. Even after sharing the same goals, the approach men use to reach those goals is very different from the steps women should take. The technique is the same for everybody, but the mini-steps to achieve a bigger objective follow a very different path. This is because both males and females want to have a better shape, they might even want to lose weight — the same number pounds. But their metabolism and their hormonal profile are entirely different. With that in mind, is Muay Thai an appropriate sport for women?

One of the main reasons why women decide to start their way on the fitness industry is because they need to cut that stubborn belly fat and lose weight to get the perfect summer shape. Achieving weight loss might be a challenge for some women because their estrogen levels increase fat storage. Additionally, not having enough testosterone would limit the anabolic effect of this hormone and slow down weight loss.

Martial arts might not be as feminine and delicate as ballet and flamenco, but it’s definitely fitting for anyone looking after a slim body shape. Women would benefit from Muay Thai because it joins aerobic and anaerobic training into a precise set of movements and strikes that involve the whole body. It is a demanding sport that would burn up to 700 calories in just one session.

But let’s look at Muay Thai from another perspective. What about women’s health? Obesity is becoming a worldwide health problem, and many women fall in that category. But even if they don’t, Muay Thai improves their overall health by stimulating their muscles and speeding up their metabolic process. Continuous strength exercise, as in bodyweight training in Muay Thai sessions, strengthen women’s bones and prevents osteoporosis. Heart function and circulations will be enhanced as well because of the intense cardiovascular exercise this discipline involves typically.

But we have talked about how challenging and intense Muay Thai can be. Is this physically demanding exercise fun and exciting for women? It depends on where do you learn and the methods instructors use to teach this discipline. It is not easy to learn Muay Thai, a millenary martial art that’s been around in Thailand and its people since ancient times. But that is why we take learning Muay Thai seriously in our country.

Learning Muay Thai in Thailand at http://suwitmuaythaigym.com should be a part of your experience. If you’re a man, a woman, and if you bring your children along, Muay Thai course at Suwit Muay Thai gym will become an exciting experience in your tour, one that you will definitely want to take back home. You will bring up all the physical health benefits we already mentioned along with mental health changes to help you combat anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. As a clear and straightforward answer, Muay Thai definitely fits women who want to improve their shape and their health at the same time.

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