Stretch marks can occur as a result as a number of different variables and can sometimes be hard to completely remove. However, with new and emerging treatments becoming available providing results for a whole range of different skin types, it is now easier than ever. In this article, we will be providing you with our list of 6 things that you need to know before having your stretchmarks removed. 

It Can Take Time To Remove Them 

Whether you are experiencing stretch marks due to a sudden growth spurt, weight gain or pregnancy, it is important to note that it can take time to have them removed as it is not guaranteed that one treatment will work for every skin type. Because of this, a treatment could take between 3-5 try’s to completely lighten stretchmarks and reduce the appearance as a result. 

They May Never Completely Disappear 

It is important to not that stretch marks that are particularly deep may never disappear as the deeper levels of the skin have been greatly affected. If this is the case then using a treatment in combination with a tropical cream will help to lighten the stretchmark and reduce the signs of stretchmarks, even if they never fully disappear. 

There Are A Number Of Treatments Available 

Due to the sheer number of stretch mark removal treatments London has to offer it is important to conduct research as a result. Whether this is research into a Microneedling treatment or a laser treatment, each of these treatments can help to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks in a way that works well for your skin. Though it can take time for treatments such as this to work into the deeper layers of the skin, repeated treatments with a topical cream will benefit you in the long term. 

Eating A Balanced Diet Can Reduce Them

In addition to a number of treatments and topical creams, a balanced diet can help to provide your skin with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to repair itself. Though this will take time for the nutrients to begin repairing the skin, the healthy lifestyle will benefit you in the long term helping you to lose weight and feel healthier in the process.

They Are Not For Everyone 

Though treatments are great for working into the deeper parts of the skin, this is not for everyone. With some treatments being painful for some depending on the pain threshold, there are a number of alternatives such as creams and moisturisers to help exfoliate the skin and encourage elasticity to increase. Though this will take more time when compared to a treatment such as laser removal, there are a number of new lotions and potions that are allowing similar results for those that do not have the funds for specific treatments. 

Cost Of Treatment Can Differ 

When looking into the treatments that you are looking to undergo, it is important to look into the costs of treatment. This is vital as this can differ depending on the medical clinic that you choose to use for the treatment, as well as the number of sessions that you will need. By organising this beforehand, you will then be able to save up and work towards receiving the treatment in the long term.  

Regardless of your reason for looking into stretchmark treatments, it is important to do your research as this will help you t save up for a treatment that will provide you with the results that you want the first time round. 

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