Pregnancy is such a phase in a couple’s life that brings about huge changes. But, everyone needs to plan if they are ready or not? And the suspense period is always very scary for the couples. False alarm due to late periods can be very confusing. Instead of getting all confused, one could use home pregnancy tools to find out about it.

Home pregnancy test tools can find the presence of a pregnancy hormone (called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG) in a sample of urine. High levels of hCG are made during pregnancy. The home tests have similar results to the pregnancy tests done on urine in most doctors’ offices if they are used exactly as instructed.

With these home pregnancy tests it becomes easier to detect pregnancy at home. Once you get positive with the home tests you should always go to a gynaecologist and get a confirmed test. Once the reports say positive, you know for sure you are going to have a baby.

The pregnancy period is one of the most important times. Taking care of the mother’s diet, health and sleep is very important. So, given below are the DO’S during the early phase of pregnancy:

  • Exercise regularly: Mild exercises and activities will make your system function normally. Walking is the best workout as it will not cause any strain on your body. You may also join in a special yoga class conducted for would-be moms.
  • Eat fibre-rich foods: Having a balanced diet is important. Try not to overeat, even not your favourite foods. Include fibre-rich foods as they ease constipation and regularize your stomach functions. Take sprouts, cereals, spinach and legumes in your diet. Have small meals several times a day as it will help you stay filled, fit and healthy.
  • Drink more water: You should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Stay hydrated so that your body will not get undernourished.
  • Have a healthy mind: Your emotions and mood have an impact on the baby’s emotional well-being. Hence, keep yourself calm, confident and happy. Try meditation, it helps one soothe their minds and keep calm.
  • Increase sleeping hours: Your body is undergoing a lot of physical and hormonal changes. For these changes to happen smoothly and for you to not have a sudden impact of the changing conditions, sleep peacefully for a long time.

Keeping these points in mind during the pregnancy is very helpful. And some help and support especially from husbands makes the to-be-mom very calm. Now, all you have to do is to wait for the due date to arrive, to begin with the beautiful journey of parenthood. But, just in case you are one too excited then you could use a pregnancy due date calculator to calculate the expected due date for your baby. These calculators do not exactly give the date, but yes an estimated one; of course. So, i hope this article is helpful to all the pregnant couples out there.

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