Dealing with Overpaid Tax Credits

Tax credits are means tested and can sometimes be overpaid through no fault of the payee. However, this doesn’t prevent the Tax Credit Office from requesting that the payee returns the money. If you feel that the overpayment was due to poor advice given by HMRC or the result of its mistake, you do have the right to challenge the decision to request repayment by raising a dispute. Continue reading…


Why choose a local solicitor for your conveyancing?

When you’re choosing a solicitor to deal with your house purchase, it’s important to select the right one. In these days of the internet and fast paced technology, it’s easy to communicate with people over longer distances. However, it’s a much better idea to choose someone with a local office.

A good solicitor is essential to the smooth running of the purchase and you don’t want any delays because of an inadequate service. If you’re looking for a solicitor, what are the benefits of working with a local company when it comes to conveyancing? Continue reading…

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